Treatment of obstructive bronchitis at children

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis at children

Obstructive bronchitis at children is characterized by emergence of rattles at breath, a long exhalation. It is important to begin treatment in time, otherwise it is necessary to resort to intramuscular pricks.

Obstructive bronchitis can be distinguished on signs which appear for 1-2 day of a SARS. It is possible to distinguish the complicated breath which finds noisiness from strong indications, at an exhalation the breath becomes extended, and the whistling rattles can be heard at distance. If the baby has obstructive bronchitis, then it is possible to note short wind with retraction of especially compliant areas of a thorax, it indicates also difficulty of a breath. Persuasive cough which is shown in the form of attacks is noted.

How to struggle with a disease

If the average and heavy course of obstructive bronchitis at babies and those who treat early age is noted, hospitalization is shown them. The doctor will appoint survey and the sparing procedures. Mother of the child has to be present at these cases during treatment. It is important to provide access of fresh air that can be embodied by frequent airing of the room in which there is a child. Food has to be in the form of a physiological diet which has to consider age of the child. It is necessary to provide the water mode, considering age requirement the child. Having attached significance to quantity of eaten, it is necessary to increase the volume of the consumed liquid by 1.5 times. Among the recommended types there are liquids: tea, broths of fruit, fruit and vegetable juice.

Drug treatment

If there are no changes in blood tests, then antibiotics are not appointed. The lack of changes concerns inflammatory bacterial currents. Elimination of bronchial obstruction acts as the leading treatment of obstructive bronchitis. It assumes application of the beta2-adrenomimetik allowing to receive positive result in short terms in most cases. Not heavy obstruction can be treated by the internal use of salbutamol (1 mg on reception) to children aged from 2 up to 4 months, the child aged from 2 up to 3 years has to accept 2 mg for time during the day. It is possible to call process of treatment of obstructive bronchitis at the child labor-intensive. It is caused by the fact that the child will have to undergo intake of unpleasant medicines and if the disease begins to progress sharply, it is necessary to transfer intramuscular pricks. Among the main medicines at course of this disease it is possible to note antibiotics. To provide simplification of a state at rattles, it is necessary to accept the diluting means – inhalations, for example.

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