Umbilical hernia at the child

Umbilical hernia at the child

Umbilical hernia is a diagnosis which is not seldom made to small children and only the doctor can define it.

Hernia is a camber of internals from a cavity of habitual location. 

Reasons of appearance of hernia

The newborn can have different reasons of formation of umbilical hernia:

- heredity;

- weakness of an abdominal cavity;

- not overgrowing of an umbilical ring;

- congestion of GAZ cars in a stomach;

- badly tied up umbilical cord.

Umbilical hernia can develop at shout of the child, she vanishes in such cases when the child calms down. 

At the child about one year the hernia often arises because of frequent locks. Not always it is possible to define the exact reason of its education. 

Detection of umbilical hernia

It is very difficult to notice presence of hernia at the kid as he constantly lies, and at rest the child hernia falls into place. It is possible to find it only during crying of the child or when the child makes an effort. 

Umbilical hernia if it small, is defined to the touch.


Usually umbilical hernia vanishes when strengthening muscles of a belly wall. It can achieve by means of massage and the strengthening gymnastics for children. Massage - the most effective method of treatment of hernia at the child. Circular stroking around a navel (clockwise) saves the child from discomfort in a stomach. Spreading the child before feeding on a tummy - muscles of a stomach become stronger and easily gases depart. Easy pressing by fingers around a navel strengthen muscles too. At umbilical hernia it is necessary to keep strictly to a diet to avoid formation of locks and GAZ cars. 

Some parents treat children folk remedies: to a pupochka put a copper five-kopeck coin and fix it by a plaster, impose an adhesive plaster (on half of hour within 10 days in a row). Doctors call such way of treatment – fixing of a navel. Still means – put the cotton pad moistened with a few juice of sourcrout on a navel, cover with a piece of fresh potatoes. In a month of constant use of such way the hernia disappears. 

At independent treatment and reposition of hernia the most important not to bring an infection and not to restrain hernia.

If suddenly there was an infringement of hernia or inflammation, hernia increased in volume, it is necessary to address the surgeon at once. He will appoint treatment and if necessary will operate the child.

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