Under what planet you were born

Under what planet you were born

Zodiac signs are influenced not only by the Sun, but also planet manager. Impact of similar managers can be both positive, and negative. Some planets patronize two signs at once.


1. If you were born under the sign of the Aries, your planet manager — Mars. It gives to Arieses a heat, eagerness to fight, assertiveness as is the planet of fire and war. Mars is a planet of emotions and instincts.

2. The people who were born under the sign of the Taurus are patronized by Venus. This planet gives to Tauruses love for sensual pleasures and comfort for the sake of which typical representatives of this sign are ready to work diligently. Because of it Tauruses can belong too materialistically to the world, relying only on themselves and the abilities.

3. If you were born under the sign of Twins, your planet is Mercury. It is considered the patron of reason, movement, information and communication. Thanks to its influence, Twins are one of the most sociable, curious and mobile zodiac signs.

4. Given rise under the sign of Cancer are under the auspices of the Moon. This astrological planet is responsible for emotions and subconsciousness. The Moon makes Cancers such emotional, closed and sensitive. Excess influence of the Moon makes Cancers hysterical.

5. Lions are patronized by the Sun. It makes "wards" generous, proud, regal. Typical Lev cannot live without attention of people around, excess influence of the Sun makes people of this zodiac sign intolerable, to such Lions difficult adequately to perceive itself and to interact with society.

6. Maidens are patronized by Mercury too, but it gives them tendency to the analysis of various trifles. Maidens very well work with information, but at the same time are absolutely deprived of the charming ease and mobility characteristic of Twins.

7. Scales, as well as Tauruses, Venus operates. It allows this zodiac sign to find a common language with anyone. Scales with ease reach ideal harmony in any relations. However excess influence of Venus sometimes leads to the fact that Scales begin to imitate sympathy.

8. The people who were born under the sign of the Scorpion are patronized by Pluto. He is responsible for sexual instincts, transformation, destruction of old. This planet gives to Scorpions mystery, endurance and the increased sexuality. The surplus of influence of Pluto results in jealousy and thirst for self-destruction.

9. The Sagittarius is the manager of zodiac sign Jupiter. It is the planet of optimism, expansion and good luck. Floodlight allocates Sagittariuses with belief in the future, optimism, thirst for knowledge. In certain cases representatives of this zodiac sign can be tactless and excessively teaching.

10. Capricorns are patronized by Saturn. It is considered the planet of responsibility, patience and discipline. It is no wonder that it fully transferred these properties to "wards". Unfortunately, Saturn is the planet of restrictions and time therefore Capricorns often are too serious and pessimistic.

11. A manager of Aquarius is Uranium. It is the planet of a revolutionary spirit and freedom. It does Aquarius by extraordinary persons who are seldom clear to people around. The main characteristic of Aquarius is the love for freedom, sometimes it leads to the sheer loneliness if influence of Uranium on life of Aquarius becomes too strong.

12. The people born under the sign of Fishes are patronized by the Neptune. He allocates Fishes with inspiration, creative abilities, compassion. If influence of this planet too strong, Fishes can just lose touch with reality and move to own dreamland.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team