Useful recommendations to parents of the hyperactive child

Useful recommendations to parents of the hyperactive child

1. If the hyperactivity of your child is caused by a disease (the diagnosis of ADHD – the Deficiency Syndrome of Attention and Hyperactivity), then it is necessary to carry out all doctor's instructions; 2. Bringing up the child, be uniform in the opinions; any disagreements only enhance negative qualities of the child;

3. Think over a day regimen to trifles. The regime moments discipline the child;

4. Friends at your child has to be a little! Better if it are quiet, not hyperactive children; 5. A game for your child is better than any medicine. Acquaint the kid with mobile and to sports which aim to discharge in the full swing energy;

6. Since early years it is desirable to occupy the child with some sport, according to its age and temperament; 7. To develop assiduity at the child, accustom him, besides noisy, to play silent games – a mosaic, a lotto; 8. Sometimes distract the kid reading books, drawing, a molding, etc. 9. Be patient if the child does everything on the contrary. Quietly repeat to him a task. Once again and still. Repeat and show. It is important to achieve that the child himself coped with a task if not today, so tomorrow; 10. Encourage all attempts of the child something to make most about what you asked him, and you praise for the slightest result; 11. Create conditions for concentration of attention of your hyperactive child during the classes: clear bright objects the table, it is desirable that there were no foreign sounds; 12. From the same positions it is necessary and to arrange the room of the child: walls and furniture not of the bright, irritating color, up to a floor and home decoration; 13. Watching TV needs to be limited minimum; 14. Do not invite to yourself on a visit a large number of the people and, in turn, do not visit the noisy companies with the child; 15. You teach the child to constrain emotions and try to constrain the, the child follows an example of you; 16. With care it "is possible" to apply words and it "is impossible" in the statements in relation to the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team