Useful rules for mothers

Useful rules for mothers

Motherhood is both joy, and work. Many mothers sometimes think of how to be ""ideal"" for the children? How to keep harmony in the family relations? How not to be tired of education of children and to find forces for the husband? There are simple rules which will help to facilitate life to mothers with children of any age.


1. For a start convince yourself that you ""rather good mom"". You are not ideal, to you will always be what to reproach yourself with. It is not necessary to chase an ideal, especially in attempts "to surpass" neighbour's families and girlfriends. You just have to feel and understand that from you depending you do all. Both extremes (both aspiration to an ideal, and constant self-flagellation ""what I am bad mother"") are not useful to mentality and mother at all, and children.

2. It is not necessary to sacrifice all the life to the children. Nobody will estimate such victim. Worse than that: when children grow up, you will reproach them for the fact that ""all of you for the sake of them, and in reply ingratitude"". Nobody demands such victim from you. A part of your life has to remain only yours. What it will - solve a part to you. You have to have hobbies, a hobby, friends. You will give for ""time for yourself"" only an evening in a week or it will be several hours every day - it is your freedom of choice. You should not allocate, however, this time by the residual principle: ""I will manage to make everything with children, I will go to a meeting with girlfriends"". No, your meeting has to be planned and how to allocate for it time - let thinks also the husband, and not just you.

3. If you came to work and spend not enough time with the kid, improve high-quality filling of this time. When you are with the child, really pay him attention. Let it will be not all day, but only an hour or two in the evening. But these several hours remove phone far away, switch off the TV and forget about all foreign cares. Believe, the child will surely estimate your inclusiveness. So it is much more interesting and more useful to spend time with it, than the whole day just is nearby, but thoughts to be absolutely in other place.

4. You should not load the child a huge number of circles, sections and the developing classes. Choose after careful consideration what will do good to development of your child. It is not necessary just to take the whole day with these classes. Independent games of the house, just communication with children at the playground are very necessary for harmonious development of the kid too.

5. Do not forget about the husband. Irrespective of age of the child, there is a part of family life which has no relation to them - the matrimonial relations. Surely you find time for each other. You should not perceive, however, this time as ""rest from children"". It not absolutely healthy attitude towards own children. It is clear, that all of us sometimes are tired of own children. But if you fix the attention on fatigue, be not surprised that soon and children will begin to perceive themselves as your burden, something superfluous in family.

6. Your time with the husband is time to enjoy your communication, to remember why you love each other; and, of course, this time to have sex. It should be noted that the fashion of the last time for a joint dream of children with parents just brings disharmony in the relations of spouses. One business, when it comes to the baby who needs to be nursed at night. Completely different - when to the child soon in school, and it still in a matrimonial bed. And the speech here not only that the child in a matrimonial bed does not allow to have sex there. Really, it is possible to find many in the apartment of other interesting places for this purpose. Just sometimes the child in a matrimonial bed begins to force out the husband from there, and both physically, and psychologically, taking his place near the woman. As well as always, you should not go into extremes: the child has to sleep only in the bed or let sleep with us, will not want to leave yet. Different situations. Analyze the family life from a position not only as it will be better for the child, but also that everything it was comfortable, that is and to you, and the husband too.

7. Be responsible for the family. Remember that you establish rules, borders for children and give them freedom where it is possible. You make decisions, but not children or advisers. For consequences of the made decisions to answer too you. But so you will feel that the situation is controlled by your efforts, but does not develop spontaneously in the unclear direction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team