Useful tips for teenage girls

Useful tips for teenage girls

Teenage age - the difficult period for girls. Hormonal splashes, full reorganization of an organism, change in appearance which not always please moreover and are supported with diffidence. And it is very important period of formation of the personality, time of friendship and the first love, and it is wrong ""to endure"" it. How at teenage age to become girls more self-assured and successful? Several recommendations on this subject.

Features of teenage age at girls

The teenage age at girls begins earlier, than at boys. And many signs of growing can be not really pleasant. Armpits and standing there are hair which should be deleted, hair are soiled just with cosmic speed, on a face pimples jump out … They are signs of hormonal reorganization. The organism from children's turns into adult and gains more and more signs of "maturity". Of course, it not forever. But there is an opportunity to live this period with the minimum inconveniences.

Let's begin with the fact that all changes happening at teenage age are inevitable. So, it is necessary to organize the life according to them.

One of the main problems of young girls in 14-16 years - discontent with the appearance, and as a result - uncertainty, decrease in a self-assessment, isolation, loneliness. If you are constantly anxious with whether clean you have hair, whether smells from you then and whether pimples on the face are reliably covered, it is difficult to support full communication and to enter into the new relations. The problem is solved, but it is necessary to solve it not from time to time, and is regular, personal care has to become a way of life. And laziness here not the place.


The majority of problems with appearance - from within. And if to add to it the troubles caused by ""game"" of hormones, then health at teenage age requires special attention. First, it is impossible to suppress the indispositions. Them there can be a set: headaches, belly-aches, dizzinesses, weakness. Yes, most of them - the accompanying growing symptoms. But they can be minimized if to take the drugs appointed by the doctor or to perform procedures. Therefore if any indispositions repeat, it is necessary to tell about them to parents and to descend to the doctor.

Secondly - food. Diets became the real disease of girls and young women. At teenage age of a diet are resolved only on medical indications! In all other cases you harm yourself. The organism needs calories not only on activity maintenance, but also on growth and development of a body and brain. If they are not enough, problems begin. Do not spoil to yourself life, you eat. And here what is - a single question. Your body will not suffer, and will tell you thanks if you take away"" from him chocolate, chips and other fast food, fried potato and other fat cholesteric products. It is not a taboo, but limit to a minimum. And here meat, fish, vegetables and cereals has to be enough. The correct diet - it is not difficult and is not expensive. It consists of usual products, just try to replace fried with boiled or stewed. Discuss it with mom, most likely, she will support you. And if there is an opportunity, it is possible to address the professional nutritionist. It is a lot of information on healthy nutrition for teenagers and on the Internet, only do not rush on the doubtful websites, find councils on official medical portals.

The result will not be slow to be shown. Hair will become less fat, the number of pimples will begin to decline, gloss of skin will decrease too, and fat folds if they take place, will significantly decrease.


Be not guided by stereotypes. The most successful actresses and models what have an appearance ""with a highlight"". Too big mouth of Julia Roberts, an outstanding bottom of Kym Kardashyan, Barbara Streisand's appearance, far from an ideal, did not prevent of Nearness to the standard - is not the key to success.

Estimate yourself impartially. Choose a hairstyle, suitable to your appearance, pick up a make-up, create the image - and all minuses of your appearance will recede into the background, and advantages will become noticeable. Only do not go too far. The aspiration to identity which became obsession can look ridiculously. Also do not do what will remain forever. To dye a hair in green color - probably, it is better to make it in fifteen, than in twenty five. And here it is better to refrain from tattoos and piercing. Especially the modern industry offers the mass of temporary options.


Personal care has to become a way of life. The clean, well-groomed person, hair and a body will become your undoubted plus. And considering teenage features, it is necessary to watch the body with special care.


For a start it is necessary to pick up suitable cosmetics - for teenage skin. If overcome pimples - choose cosmetics for problem skin. Practically any firm has a special line of such means. And further it is necessary not to forget to use them constantly. Wash gel in the morning or wipe a face with tonic. Only on a clear skin it is possible to impose cream and cosmetics. Creams are not contraindicated, only you should not put a centimetric layer. Pimples it is possible ""prizhech"" special ""dot"" creams or gels. Wash away cosmetics special means in the evening and wash. Then, besides, cream of pointed drawing on problem sites when it is absorbed, usual cream (if there is a need). Cosmetics of an anti-acne can dry skin therefore it periodically should be humidified and fed. For this purpose there are masks and creams. Surely according to age! If pimples - a constant problem, are also an opportunity, address the dermatologist and the beautician.


The body demands permanent care too. Pimples can develop not only on a face, but also on a body. And still teenagers strongly sweat, and it creates problems too. It is necessary to take a shower daily, it is desirable in the morning and in the evening. And here long sitting in a bathtub it is better to minimize: in warm water we strongly sweat, sebaceous glands are corked. Though the bathtub with grass broth of times a week will only be useful. For teenage skin there are special shower gels, it is better to use them. Srubs, but not really aggressive and no more than two once a week will approach. Will protect special deodorants and sprays from a smell of sweat. There is a lot of them, from expensive type ""Scrub-scrub"" also ""Maxims"" to quite budgetary spray of Teymurov.


There is an opinion that hair cannot be washed every day. It's not true. Hair need to be washed in process of pollution. If you are a happy owner of the hair which are not demanding constant washing - you were lucky. If by the evening the hair look stale, grease - mine. It belongs also to use of means for laying. They should be washed away. Even if next day you planned to take away hair in ""tail"", they all the same should be washed up. It is necessary to know that dirty hair very unpleasantly smell that will not add to you popularity. It is very important to pick up correctly means for leaving. Shampoo has to approach type of your hair and their features. Perhaps, it is necessary to try not one option before you find """", but it is inevitable. A statement that it is necessary to change a type of shampoo from time to time - the myth. The same shampoo can use while it suits your hair. And here if the type of hair changes, shampoo should be selected anew. As for balms and conditioners, they will bring to hair only benefit. But also here you should not forget about the correct use. Balm is applied only on hair, without touching head skin. Also you should not cover hair with balm in three layers. it is necessary very little. That hair were less soiled and longer remained fresh, it is useful to rinse them with broths of herbs. The camomile, a nettle, a calendula, a train are very good. If hair excessively dry - use hair oil.


The main thing - they have to be clean and accurate. Saloon manicure or ""independent"" will not be added by beauty if under nails ""mourning"". Too long nails at early age look ridiculously, especially, if are made up by bright varnish. That the cuticle was accurate and there were no hangnails, smear nails and fingers with vitamin A. It is possible to use also special means for a cuticle and any cosmetic oils.


To be painted or not to be painted - a personal record. Most of the senior schoolgirls choose the first. If you use a make-up, do not forget - the main thing - a measure. The young girl with an aggressive make-up looks ridiculously and ridiculously. And it is not necessary to the majority. Maiden skin differs in freshness and smoothness, surplus of a make-up will only spoil it. The main task of a make-up is to hide shortcomings and to emphasize advantages. On it it is also worth placing emphasis, selecting cosmetics.

Use the proofreaders masking pimples, light liquid foundations, ink, lip gloss. Be not fond of foundation. The person similar to a mask will not make you more beautiful. Well think before using bright shadows and blush, especially in the afternoon.

On the Internet there are a lot of useful articles and blogs about rules of drawing a make-up. Study them. But do not take on trust all councils, think before applying.


The most important - the clothes have to be clean and accurate. Tights with catches, the stretched polo-neck, a blouse with the greased collar will nullify all your efforts to ways to beauty and success, will make your shape cheap and careless. Do not feel sorry for time for the maintenance of the clothes as it should be.

How to put on - to solve to you. A problem of clothes, as well as a make-up to hide shortcomings and to emphasize advantages. Choose style which corresponds to your external and internal requirements. Youth - time of experiments. Experiment, derive from it pleasure, create own style. But be not fond. At first study style bases, and fill it further, using this base. On the Internet there are a lot of websites about style. Small life hack: most of them offer several lessons free of charge, and then invite to paid training. These introduction lessons will be enough for you to make the idea of style and to be defined.

And finally. Don't judge by appearances. Kind of you did not look good if under appearance ""the spiteful prickle"" disappears, to become successful and it will be difficult to get friends. Treat people around as you want that treated you, they will estimate it. Good luck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team