Visit with the child of attractions. What it is necessary to know safety rules and how to dress the child.

Visit with the child of attractions. What it is necessary to know safety rules and how to dress the child.

Visiting  attractions with the child, parents have to follow some safety rules. And also it is necessary to know about how to dress the child on this interesting action that your child did not feel discomfort at the most inappropriate moment that actually can strongly spoil entertainment. 

Clothes and footwear

  Any comfortable clothes will be suitable for active entertainments: not skinny jeans, breeches, undershirt or t-shirt. In dresses and skirts it is inconvenient to girls to somersault, move down from hills. It is desirable that on clothes, especially trousers, there were no beads, beads, a rhinestone as during descent from the hill and ""swimming"" in the dry pool (in plastic balls) them it is much lost. It is desirable not to put on earrings, a beads, bracelets, ringlets not to lose also them. The light clothes are quickly soiled therefore it is better to put on the child something daily and less easily soiled.

From footwear shoes, sandals or sandals on velcros best of all will approach. They, unlike a slap, do not fall from legs when driving on carousels and if necessary are easily undone.

Socks are optional, but are desirable, they can be taken. If children are undressed, coming into a children's labyrinth or on a trampoline, then it is better to put on socks. Both in terms of hygiene, and for the sake of convenience — it is more convenient to move down from the hill in socks, than in footwear.

It is better to remove headdresses before driving as at active movements they fall down or move down on the person.

Safety rules

  • You should not feed the child for an hour before visit of hills and trampolines that it did not throw up. With food and drinks it is forbidden to come on attractions. It is better to allow the child to drink a little before visit or later.
  • If the child for the first time participates in any entertainment, then it is better to keep it the company (for children up to three years usually let the kid together with parents to attractions) or to call to the aid the elder brother, the sister, the friend. The child can be frightened of the high hill, loud music, sharp movements of other children on a trampoline, not manage to drive machines.
  • The main thing — it is impossible to leave children without parental supervision. The controller is not obliged and simply does not manage to follow all kids at once.

Be vigilant and careful, then driving on attractions really will please your kids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team