Walk as regime moment

Walk as regime moment

Walk is one of the main regime moments in kindergarten. Without it full development of the child is impossible. In case of the competent organization it gives to the teacher many opportunities for the educational and educational moments.


1. Organizing walk, think over the plan of its carrying out and a subject. The plan has to include the informative moments, a mobile play, formation of elementary labor skills. The subject of walk can coincide with subjects of major activities with preschool children. In this case rest in the fresh air will allow children to acquire the gained knowledge stronger.

2. Use walk for observations. The phenomena of inanimate nature (snow, a rain, a hail, wind, etc.) and also representatives of a plant and animal life can be an object in this case. It will give to children the chance to compare theoretical information to practical experience. After walk ask preschool children questions of what they observed. Such form of a conversation will contribute to the development of analytical thinking in children.

3. Make one of problems of walk development of main types of movements. Walking, run, jumps, crawling and a lasagna, throwing, maintaining balance concern them. In quality of training to these exercises use warm-up. It will allow muscles of children to be warmed and avoid stretchings and injuries.

4. Organize walk so that its most part was devoted to mobile activity. Surely include active games. Carried out in the fresh air, they will bring the best effect. Saturation of fabrics oxygen will have a positive impact on a condition of an organism of children. In addition games will help preschool children to learn to regulate the behavior as similar entertainments contain certain rules.

5. Apply walk to training of children in elementary labor skills. It is very important for education of preschool children. Suggest them to remove leaves, branches on the site, to sweep away snow from constructions, etc. All this will contribute to the development in children of ability to set the object and to make a number of actions for its achievement. Also easy work on air will become useful to strengthening of an organism of children in general.

6. Pay much attention to subject role-playing games. The site for walk gives a scope for development of a plot of a game. On the street a familiar game can be expanded, added with new game actions and attributes. Besides, on walk it is possible to fulfill traffic regulations in more detail. For this purpose it is also possible to apply subject role-playing game.

7. Use portable material for carrying out walk. It includes attributes for mobile and subject role-playing games, a card for observation, a toy for interaction with sand and water (in summertime), various molds, brooms, scoops, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team