Walkers: advantage or harm for the child?

Walkers: advantage or harm for the child?

The baby becomes more adult, the more he wants to learn the world, here only to do it before development of skills of walking it turns out only on hands at mom. And in this case as the assistant to parents walkers about which advantage and harm there is a set of opinions act.

What is walkers

This device reminding by the form a children's stool for feeding, but much smaller on height. In the basis of such frame there are wheels by means of which this construction also moves on the apartment when the child makes a start from a floor legs. But if at a stool a seat rigid, then in walkers it reminds a backpack as the main loading is the share of a lower body and legs, but not of a back.

There are various models of walkers as representing a usual frame for movement, and the whole game complexes equipped with rattles and sound effects.

Advantage of walkers

For mom this real rescue as allows though for some time to allow to have a rest to a back and hands and also to do household chores, so far the child is busy with development of the world around. In it also one more plus of walkers consists: the more tactile contacts, as well as new information, the intellectual development is fuller.

Walkers ensure children's safety, without allowing the child to reach dangerous objects and also protecting him from falling.

Harm of walkers

Opinions of doctors and consumers on harm of walkers are rather contradictory. Those who are supporters of natural development of the child, say that to force it by means of walkers, passing stages of an independent prisazhivaniye, revolutions on a stomach and a back and the more so settings on legs does not follow. It is explained by the fact that the child who felt delights of vertical development of the world does not want to make attempts in independent physical development and just waits when parents put him in this adaptation. But there is more to come. The much bigger danger is that the bearing and correctness of statement is broken by a foot as in walkers the child bends forward and makes a start finger-tips, but does not put a leg on a floor completely. That is this situation is rather far from traditional walking. Well and one more important minus is that at the movement in walkers the child does not comprehend sense of danger as it is completely protected from falling, and it is not too good as subsequently there can be problems in this direction when he starts walking. So in a dispute on whether walkers, advantage or harm of them are necessary, whether it is possible to do without them, there are no winners or losers. The decision to accept to each parent independently, but upon purchase of walkers after all it is worth understanding that in everything the measure and all day is important it is impossible to keep the child in them even if to consider them completely safe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team