Ways of fast reading: how to train in them the child

Ways of fast reading: how to train in them the child

Many of parents often complain that their child slowly reads and spends near the computer much time. It is necessary to accustom children to books and to teach to read them since the earliest childhood. If the child learns to read quickly, then it will be joy not only for parents, but also success for the child.


1. Do special gymnastics which is developed for skills of fast reading with the child. Find the corresponding literature in the Internet. Learn to do breathing exercises: inhale a nose and exhale through a mouth. The pause is necessary, and then do an exhalation by parts. This exercise is similar to a zaduvaniye of candles on cake. Teach the child to exhale air as long as possible.

2. Pronounce tongue twisters with the child, at first you speak slowly, and then quickly. But you should not overload the child, it is possible to pronounce no more than 4 tongue twisters a day. Begin new occupation with their repetition.

3. Write to a line fifteen concordants and train to read it. Add one vowel to this line and ask the child to read the same. It is good warm-up before reading.

4. Read aloud together with your child, at least five minutes a day. You have to adapt to reading the child, and he has to adapt to you. There is more difficult option: after reading aloud together each of you has to read silently. Mom watches a finger on a line, and the child keeps up with its reading.

5. Work on acceleration of the technology of reading when the child already reads the whole words. Be engaged with it in small portions, but it is frequent. Tame your kid to reading before going to bed.

6. Do not force your child to read much, start up this occupation will be for it fascinating, but will not become penal servitude. Encourage and praise the child. Inspire him on reading. But reading has to be regular. Spread out it favourite books on the available place. Get a notebook where the child will write down the title of books which he read. The excellent skill of reading the child promotes good progress at school as fast reading stimulates development of educational skills.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team