We accustom the child to reading since childhood

We accustom the child to reading since childhood

Many parents face a problem of categorical dislike of their child for reading. As a rule, they when their child already appears behind a school school desk bethink and the neglect it to reading promises to mom and dad a headache and the loosened nerves. At this stage it is necessary to put a lot of effort to impart to the child love for reading if before he did not hold books in hand, and parents have no habit to read. So when it is the best of all to begin immersion of the child in literary world?

Psychologists agree in opinion that the kid needs to be accustomed to books since childhood. Reading fairy tales before going to bed not only calms and lulls, but also helps to create a positive image of the book and the reading person at the child. Children's rhymes, nursery rhymes, fairy tales let will become the first books in library of your kid.

When your offspring a little grows up, he has to have own books. Let they will be bright, colourful. Various elements drawing attention are welcomed: squeakers, buttons, spangles, elastics. The first books do not have to be from paper, they can be rag or plastic. The child will learn to address with them - to leaf through pages, to put on the shelf. At the same time do not stop to read to him, gradually complicating literary material.

Closer by three years it is possible to begin to learn letters. Have patience - process this difficult both for the child, and for mom with dad. Use evident materials: cards, posters, magnetic boards. Encourage progress of the child, but do not abuse for failures. Has to be trained in playful way, without coercion and pressure. When the kid surely knows letters, it is possible to pass to syllables, and then already to words.

Gradually, step by step, the child will master and, the main thing, will fall in love with reading if parents correctly do everything.

Never force the child to read against his will! So you only fix disgust for literature. Try to motivate softly and unostentatiously it to reading. A personal example - the best means in this case. Read as much as possible, gradually winning time for books from the TV and gadgets. Reading in the evenings all family - fascinating and useful pastime. Let it will become your small tradition.

Do not feel sorry for forces on attaching of the child to books, do not consider it waste of time. Be sure - the result will pay back your efforts with interest. The love for reading usually goes complete with intuitive literacy, a broad outlook and high mental abilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team