We care for dry skin: councils for mom and the child

We care for dry skin: councils for mom and the child

Skin of mom and child becomes dry for several reasons. It can be connected with food, an allergy or an adverse effect of the external environment. Application of the softening means, oils and vitamins can facilitate a situation if it is not a symptom of a skin disease.

Very often dry skin on hands of young mom appears from the fact that she is too anxious with attempts to observe sterility in the house after the child's birth. Inexperienced mothers wash hands many times in day, using at the same time strong antibacterial means. As a result skin loses a protective fat film and begins to dry and burst. The role is played also by additive in tap water of the disinfecting means. Bleaching powder was replaced with more modern substances long ago, but they became hardly much more careful in relation to skin.

Therefore the first council which can be given to mom is to put on rubber gloves during any economic work connected with water. The habit will come quickly, and pair of gloves maintain, on average, month of use.

Still it is necessary to get used to apply to skin of hands and a body the moisturizing cream on the basis of oils every time after you washed hands or took a shower. Perfectly gels and creams on the basis of the panthenol softening and recovering substance skin proved to be in use. Can apply Bepanten and "D-panthenol" both mom, and the child, the last — from chest age. They are applied to skin 1-2 times a day, on places which dry and are shelled. Having used 1 packing of gel, it is necessary to take a break, and then to change it for the medicine similar on action.

It is better to apply creams and gels on the basis of lanolin, they are easier absorbed and do not leave feeling of stickiness on skin.

The dryness of skin at infantile age is connected with the natural period of adaptation of the child by the extra uterine period of life. Skin and intestines of the kid "ripen" to the normal state only over time, adapting to the environment and strengthening the immunity. During this difficult period it is necessary to help the child. Doctors recommend to grease his skin with water-based means, they are easier had, than creams on natural oils. Advise also to reduce bathings from daily by baths every other day and to use the filters softening water if there is such opportunity. It is better for a while to stop adding broth of herbs during bathing, and to part in water of a little sea salt for its mitigation. Skin of kids can dry during an autumn and winter season, reacting to dry air in apartments and wind with a frost on the street. Moisten air, put ware with water in several places of your house. Evaporating, moisture will give relief to skin and airways.

Recommend products of the Mustela company at dryness of skin, but not all suit it, it is necessary to apply a little cream on a hand and to check whether there is no allergic reaction.

Before an exit to the street to the face and hands of the child and mom it is better to apply protective cream. Perfectly the most available children's cream "I Am" at the price created by domestic beauticians especially for children proved to be. Mothers recommend baby oils, but, unfortunately, they suit each kid individually so the general recommendations cannot be here. Inclusion in food of mom of fish of fat grades, butter and a liver will facilitate a condition of skin due to intake of vitamins A and E. Mame it is also possible to get a vitamin and mineral complex and to spend on drink it month. And to children to use in food special products with addition of vitamins, such are on sale in all departments of baby food. If after all the problem does not manage to be solved, it is better to address the pediatrician or the dermatologist. They will precisely tell what the dryness and peeling are connected with, having excluded possible diseases or in time having appointed their treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team