We choose a desk lamp for a desk

We choose a desk lamp for a desk

At a desk always there has to be a desk lamp, differently how in the evenings to do homework or to sort correspondence? It is necessary to approach the choice of this subject after careful consideration, the lamp not only has to fit well into an interior, but also to be practical.

By rules of sanitary standards the children's desk has to not only be located at a window, but also have an additional light source in the form of a desk lamp. Even at very good top lighting, during performance of lessons in the evening, there will be not enough light. Therefore, the table lamp should be bought all the same.

What to pay attention to?

In shops where lighting fixtures are on sale, will offer you a wide choice of desk lamps. They will differ not only in design, but also a design, and ways of installation. What to pay attention to first of all?

On ways of installation. Horizontal table-tops will suit lamps with any basis. For school desks with an adjustable inclination of a surface it is better to get lamps with rigid fastening or on "clothespegs". By the way, such lamps it is possible to have not only on a table-top, but also out of the working area. It will allow to expand working space. Preference should be given to lamps on a mobile leg. With its help it is possible to increase considerably the area of lighting or to light any part of a table, without rearranging a lamp. The mobility can be carried out due to flexibility of material of a leg or the built-in hinges. The plafond for a desk lamp of the child has to be from opaque material. It will help to create the directed light stream, and the lamp will not shine in eyes. The form of a plafond can be any, it is not of great importance. Inside there has to be a reflector which to scatter a little light, broadening the working area. It is necessary to take the lamp in which the ordinary glow lamp or a light-emitting diode is used. It will be good if the rheostat which helps to regulate light power is built in the device. Energy saving and fluorescent lamps emit cold white light. It is unpleasant for eyes and tires. It negatively affects sight of the child and efficiency of his work. On design it is desirable that a desk lamp it is good to fit into an interior of the children's room. Color and style of execution of the lamp has to be pleasant also to you and your child. The lamp can be simple or combined, without excess delicacy or with addition of hours and a glass for writing-materials.

Rules of installation of a desk lamp

1. For the right-handed person the lamp is established on the left side of a table, for the lefthander – from right. 2. The light source has to be accurately directed to the working area.3. Light should not get to the child into eye.4. For lighting enough 40-60 W bulb. Being engaged by the light of a desk lamp, it is not necessary to switch off the top lighting. You watch that on notebooks and textbooks the shadow did not fall.

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