We choose a trampoline for the child

We choose a trampoline for the child

When the child is 3-4 years old, his mobility increases. The baby begins to climb up furniture where she carries out revolutions and jumps dexterously. However the upholstery of furniture not only does not give total freedom to movements of the kid, but also can become the cause of injuries. Purchase of a suitable trampoline will help to solve these problems.

Trampolining not only delivers to children a lot of pleasure, but also promotes strengthening of their health, developing coordination, strengthening muscles of legs and normalizing work of systems of breath and blood circulation.

Inflatable trampolines

Today the wide range of frame and inflatable trampolines for the house and the street is presented at the market of children's goods. Inflatable trampolines represent bright color figures with inflatable walls and a hopping surface. They are inflated by means of the electric pump which, as a rule, is delivered in a set.

Inflatable products very much are pleasant to children who can on them not only jump, but also somersault cheerfully. The trampolines which are pumped up by air are safe as they are supplied with walls, and not too springing surface does not allow to make high jumps. However similar designs suit the smallest. Children are more senior prefer more elastic and high jumps which can be made on a frame trampoline.

Frame trampolines

Frame trampolines in comparison with inflatable less bright are also not suitable for somersaults and run, but the springing surface from strong polypropylene allows to make high jumps. For the purpose of prevention of injuries at accidental falling from a frame trampoline around a shell the special grid is established. Thanks to its installation, the product will become safe and for small children.

Whatever size and look there was a trampoline, at a shell of children the adults have to be present at games nearby even if the grid is established and there are safety hand-rail.

The frame trampoline is more durable inflatable and cost is much lower than it. The polypropylene surface and a steel framework are more resistant to mechanical damages, than plastic.

Trampoline size

Diameter of children's trampolines begins from 90 cm. The more this indicator, the big weight loading is capable to sustain a trampoline. But also at small products it makes 50-90 kg that does possible use by his teenager and even adult. There are still so-called mini-trampolines. These compact home exercise machines can be bought for installation in the small room of the small-sized apartment, without effort will be located.

Mini-trampolines are multipurpose. Mothers of kids can use them as a balancing board or a step platform.

Diameter of a hopping cloth of a product varies within one meter. Such trampoline is supplied with the convenient handle that allows to jump on it even one-year-old to the baby.

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