We choose private kindergarten (taking into account for the first time approved the SanPiN!)

We choose private kindergarten (taking into account for the first time approved the SanPiN!)

When mom needs to come to work, and there are not enough places in the state gardens, the private kindergarten comes to the rescue. However, before entrusting the kid to someone, once you make sure of correctness of the choice, and responses – not the main indicator.

About everything one after another. Find 10 minutes and read come into force from 14.02.2014 the SanPiN (requirements for the preschool groups organized in rooms of housing stock) - all from the list of obligatory rooms, requirements to maintenance of purity and cooking and to requirements to the obligatory educational program and a day regimen (which is often broken in many private gardens).

Choose time and take a walk 2-3 times during walk with children nearby - 10:30-11 mornings. Choosing a garden, first of all choose the tutor.

How attentively tutors look after kids whether the walk zone is limited? Whether children should pass across the road; if yes, that as this process is organized by tutors? Whether tutors play with group, tell about the world around or all tots are provided to themselves? What general mood of children in group: all moan and call mom or are cheerful, vigorous and busy … How does the tutor at the conflicts between children behave? And if someone began to cry? Whether the teacher shouts at children? Whether the tutor will pay attention if you approach the child and you will greet it, or the teacher will not even notice communication with the foreign adult? And so on.

You have to have at least an approximate idea of what will happen actually to your child during the day.

Everything was pleasant? We act further!

Agree about a meeting with the manager/director, discuss the following subjects:

  • Daily routine of children, physical education (LFK does not replace morning exercises), music, the logopedist, the psychologist, the nurse (what her schedule) …
  • The all-European standard – 1 adult on 5-6 children. In group always there has to be a nurse/assistant teacher, otherwise the tutor himself will tide up, cook food, etc., having disregarded children. Whether there passed the medical commission employees?
  • Rooms of a garden (purity and an order, without foreign smells …) according to basic provisions the SanPiN and common sense.
  • Educational program. The kindergarten is obliged to have the license for educational activity, the group of day stay of children is not. Special attention should be paid to this point if further you plan to take entrance examinations in 1 class (there are also such elementary schools); all pass the commission on psychological readiness for school after a garden.

Be not afraid to ask questions! It you are going to entrust this organization care of life and health of your kid until you is near. And let the directorate thinks everything that to it will only want, these are their problems! If the organization worthy, conflict situations does not arise. Be benevolent and open to communication.

Be adjusted on the best. And you will find a garden where to your child it will be good, and you will not worry all day about its safety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team