We create the world the hands

We create the world the hands

For all-round development of the child, among a set of serious and important points of education, one is allocated especially brightly. It will be a question of development of children in creativity. This type of leisure is most universal for all social and age children's groups, and, at relative availability, yields the most useful results in formation of the complete personality.

From the parental party it is important to help the child to open own creative view of art. It will be more clear if you accurately allocate stages of creative process for the child:

1. Registration of a creative invention in general.

2. Embodiment of conceived.

3. The analysis of the received art object together with parents and peers.

It allows to carry out ideas, without distracting from initially drawn up plan, and helps the child with internal logical self-organization. Desires of the child are very unstable, the inquisitive mind constantly seeks to embrace everything and at once. It is important to parents to send consciousness to in common planned field of actions. But the result is important for children's creativity not so much conceived how many cheerful process of creation new the hands.

 To create together cheerfully and interestingly, let in this moment of man-made magic you and your kid will be honest and courageous as a fresh breeze! Believe, having truly liberated in creativity, process will entice you so strongly that it will be possible to stop already hardly.

It can be almost anything. More precisely that equally to liking to your child and you. However, you should not mix technology of creativity and, during a molding from clay, to begin to study the verse. Let your kid completely plunge at the moment creations, without disseminating attention of the child on several areas at once. The most mass and available creativity for children — drawing. This method of expression of internal perception of the world allows the child is more liberated to communicate with adults and creates positive effect on an emotional state, saving from experiences and internal contradictions.

You remember the main thing. While the child creates, he is beyond habitual images of surrounding reality. You can help him with providing necessary conditions and no more than that. It is wrong to consider parental experience only the right management, and it is not confirmed more visually anywhere, than in creative activity. Trust the child and allow the kid to look for own colourful ways even if it strongly differs from your representation. Freedom of thinking and pure emotions are the successful and unforgettable moment of creativity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team