We defeat gripes

We defeat gripes

Almost all parents to whose child few weeks are executed face such phenomenon as gripes. It is especially important to distinguish them and to try to relieve as much as possible pain. Gripes, as we know, it is spasms in a stomach which are caused by formation of gases. How to fight with them?


1. Doctors recommend to use some admissible medicines. Enter their number: ""Sab-simplex"", Espumizan, Bobotik. But they help not only not to all children, but also and not for long time.

2. Besides, doctors recommend to use tea with fennel (fennel) or the most ordinary made dill water. But it will not be able to help if to use it from an attack to an attack so such infusions need to be accepted constantly.

3. If all above-mentioned does not help, then it is possible to take the child vertically facing itself, to draw in his legs and to organize it an excursion on the apartment. Legs will press on a tummy, releasing GAZ cars, and the excursion will take place with stories or songs.

4. Take the clean diaper heated by the iron. Press a diaper to a tummy, and the child – to yourself.

5. Iron the child's tummy strictly clockwise or do massage.

6. Put the child on a back, and then lift and lower his legs bent in knees

7. Put the child to sleep on a stomach if it is pleasant to it.

8. Organize to the child a heat bath.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team