We develop creative abilities at children up to three years

We develop creative abilities at children up to three years

The children become more senior, the more they express creativity (drawing and a molding) the feelings and emotions. If to compare works of the one-year-old kid and the three-year-old child, then huge progress will be visible: an unclear scribble and muffled strokes turn into the drawing of the person or a simple plot with butterflies, the sun, etc. But first of all creativity for children is a game.

We draw with the child

Paper, felt-tip pens, pencils and paints have to lie always together and in sight, at the level of eyes of children. Of course, on a phrase ""let's draw"" children are not always ready to respond, inspiration - imperceptible piece. Remember: not the kid has to follow your initiative, and you have to follow his intentions. It is very important principle of development of children to which all teachers and psychologists pay attention.

For involvement of the child to drawing it is possible to pick up papers and paints as children at small age love everything and all to copy. And so, it is necessary to try to do what they will copy with benefit for the development. It is necessary to begin drawing with rough wax crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils and thick soft brushes. It is not necessary to offer a set of flowers at once, chtobydet were not lost from abundance of paints. Show how colors mix up and what from this turns out. It is possible to play the game ""Rainbow"". For this purpose seven transparent glasses in which the kid has to part all colors of the rainbow are necessary.


Good stuff for a molding at early age is the store special weight or salty dough which easily is cooked by the hands. Unlike plasticine these materials soft and elastic. It is necessary to begin a molding with simple: balls, snakes, geometrical figures.

Important point - safety

You should not buy cheap paints and materials, they can be toxic and only do much harm young children's an organism. If there are doubts, it is possible to ask certificates of quality of products for sellers. It is better to buy things for children in special shops, but not in the market and the booth.

We organize exhibitions

From time to time do home galleries of works of the little artist or sculptor. For this purpose it is possible to take a simple board, to use the fridge or the bookshelf, where to stick works of children. Everything that children do by the hands, has to be in the public eye. They of course are not familiar with the concept ""glory"" yet, but the feeling of recognition is also obligatory for them. Thus there is a formulation of the identity of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team