We help the child to utter letter "P"

We help the child to utter letter "P"

To help the child it is correct to utter one of the most difficult letters, daily be engaged with him. Do not forget, the main thing is a persistence and regularity.

Exercise 1. Preparatory. For a start it is necessary to develop mobility of language. For this purpose let the child at first lifts a language tip on upper teeth, then lowers on lower. And so 10 times slowly, 10 times slightly quicker and 10 times at fast speed. After that let the child will count a uvula at first the top teeth, then lower.

Exercise 2. Horse. Teach the child to represent knock of hooves, clinking a uvula. It is possible to play with the child a game. To tell a story and when you tell the word "horse" - he has to clink a uvula. Example of history: "Presented to the little boy a horse. The horse was very beautiful. The horse had a long mane. The boy approached a horse and ironed a horse on a mane...." Exercise 3: Monkey. Ask the kid to stretch language in a chin, to a nose, to the right cheek, to the left cheek. Offer the child of a game — you call a part of a body, and he has to reach it a uvula. Exercise 4. Soap bubbles. For development of respiratory systems let the child inflates balloons of the different size. Every other day alternate inflation of balloons to inflation of soap bubbles. Exercise 5. Machine gun. Teach the child to represent a machine gun. For this purpose it is necessary to say together sounds "д" and "t". At first slowly, then quicker.

Exercise 6. On statement of a sound. Let the child will touch with a language tip a firm part of the sky, inhales air through a nose and strongly exhales through a mouth. You watch that it did not open language from the sky. Exercise 7. Drum. Let the child will lift language for upper teeth and will knock on gums, saying "d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d". The lower jaw has to remain motionless.

Exercise 8. Difficult, but effective. You watch that the child was not tired. The child needs to open a mouth, to lift language to the sky and to a limit to stretch a bridle. Big and index fingers let the child will strong press side edges of language to the sky. The middle part of language and a bridle have to be free. Now the child has to blow with a force air with inclusion of a voice. The sound "тж" will turn out. Let the child repeat exercise, gradually increasing an air pressure. The sound "тж" will gradually pass in "тр". Exercise 8. We learn poems. If the child is already able to read, let just read different poems where the sound "Р" often meets. if he is not able to read yet — learn with him simple poems. For example: "TrolleybusZatormozilU trotuarasiny trolleybus, Round headlights. Pedestrians entered, Only doors opened, And in a passazhirovvsa turned." Exercise of 6th "tongue twister". We remember and learn all favourite tongue twisters. Let the kid at first pronounce them slowly, subsequently increasing a rhythm. I will resemble tongue twisters: "Tangerines Irinka, at Irinka has tangerines"; "Karl stole corals from Klara, and Klara stole a clarinet from Karl""; ""Went the Greek across the river, sees the Greek in the small river cancer. Put the Greek a hand to the river, cancer by a hand to the Greek — tsap". Let classes with your kid bring him pleasures, and then the letter "r" surely will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team