We learn to be on friendly terms from the cradle

We learn to be on friendly terms from the cradle

The child grows and develops in society. At an initial stage its society is limited to family. Then you together begin to come for walks where, anyway, you meet other young parents and their children. The first elements of interactions between young people begin and here it is important not to miss the moment and to help your child to adapt to society adequately.

It is useful to teach children to collective types of games. Various round dances and "streamlets" where children hold hands, allow them to approach at the expense of tactile feelings. Add to it the general idea and the purpose of a game, and you receive friends-" not - pour - water". Study in common several children's songs about friendship which so cheerfully loudly to sing chorus! Arrange dances of "little ducklings" with the general on all movements.

Observe how your kid communicates with the age-mate. Such observations first of all are useful to parents because until acquaintance to peers, communication happened in family and he took out the behavior among other people for 99% exactly from there. Perhaps, the kid is greedy or even aggressively takes away toys. Having noticed the intense moments in children's interaction, discuss them with the child of the house in friendly chat. Lead to understand motives of unfriendly behavior of your offspring. Offer it several cheerful points of view on a problem and lose them together with the kid like actors of theater.

Also such option is possible that your child shows just brilliant education and tactfulness, and other kid not so smyshlen. It does not matter, all people different. You should not protect children from communication with each other. If there is no mutual understanding, they also will not become close friends. And here if they nevertheless have much more of general, then it will only add to your child of awareness of variety of the Universe around.

One can be claimed for certain: forbidding children to communicate among themselves, you can easily become for own children an enemy. Children are very categorical and only learn to distinguish shades of half tones. Be it friend number one and you are always respectful to their personal opinion. Because if they will have not own this opinion, and yours — in further life they will be left without you in perplexity. If you seek to bring up the self-sufficient personality, at once treat this personality as to self-sufficient. But, having worldly wisdom, just remove barriers from their way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team