We study everything that around us: autumn signs for children

We study everything that around us: autumn signs for children

Information for children concerning any given knowledge needs to be selected taking into account its simplicity and ease in assimilation: children have to understand perfectly what it is about. Otherwise it will not bring benefit to either the child, or his parents.

Knowledge is a valuable gift of life!

The child is a blank sheet which absorbs in itself(himself) knowledge as if a sponge. Besides valuable scientific information children have to know also about everything that surrounds them: for example, the kid without problems has to understand what leaf to what tree or a plant belongs what birds fly away on the South and what – remain to winter in the regions, etc. Not superfluous will and teach the child be guided in any given autumn signs allowing it to do in the future independently forecasts of rather future weather.

Autumn signs on the falling-down trees

The leaves falling in the fall from trees can tell much about the future weather. For example, if autumn leaves of an aspen fall to the ground outer side up, then it is necessary to expect cold and long winter. If these leaflets lay down "face" down – the winter will be warm. To see the aspen leaves which scattered on the ground "shirts" up, down, – to variable winter (there will be also heat, and it is cold). By the way, the frosty winter should be expected if leaves on many trees and remained on branches.

Birch autumn leaves tell people about future spring weather. For example, the birch which turned yellow from a top speaks about early spring, but if the birch turns yellow from the lower branches – to be to spring late. Cherry leaves, according to national signs, regulate duration of the autumn period: until cherry completely falls down, the fall will not transfer the rights to winter. Snow will drop out, but to thaw.

Autumn signs on animals

Not only the leaves which are falling down from trees, but also various animals can be predictors of any given autumn signs: birds, insects, mammals. For example, birds who fly away to warm regions low to the earth, foretell small quantity of snow next winter, but if they fly highly – to be to winter snow. The cranes who are slowly flying at the end of summer - an early autumn a wedge on the sky, testify to warm autumn weather which will remain during the whole season. It is possible to observe also poultry: the hens hiding the heads under wings feel approach of fast cold weather. The mosquitoes noticed late fall speak about soft winter.

Autumn signs on a harvest

Certain forecasts can be given, looking at a harvest of some plants. One of the most known autumn signs which are well understood by children is the rich harvest of a red rowan: the winter in this case will be cold. Besides, the rowan can tell also about the fall: if in the forest of this berry a dime a dozen, then and fall is expected rainy and cold and if the rowan is not enough – dry and warm. The harvest of nuts and mushrooms also predicts weather on the near future. If nuts were given much, and mushrooms a little – the severe and fierce winter approaches. If in September on oaks a huge number of acorns is observed, the winter promises to be cold and snow. If the harvest of a cornel is since fall especially rich – the "evil" winter approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team