We teach the kid to use a pot

We teach the kid to use a pot

Parents accustom the child to a pot to get rid of diapers and expenses on them. Also since the moment when the child masters a pot, there is less washing and efforts. Someone from mummies tries to make it as soon as possible, and someone postpones use of a pot for later term.

It is necessary to understand that on process of accustoming to a pot the extra time is necessary. Parents have to have this time on a regular basis. Process will be dragged out if to be engaged in it only on the weekend, for example.

There are some moments which can help parents

  • The kid as any person, experiences different emotions. Training should be made when the child has a good mood, he is not angry, does not want to sleep, is not ill.
  • It makes to sit down on a pot bigger sense when the child only woke up or when he ate. Perhaps, the kid will let know in some other way that it "is time".
  • If process took place successfully, we try to show the joy, to praise the kid. Manifestation of positive emotions will well affect fixing of a habit.
  • If it did not turn out "to carry out conceived", then we do not focus on it attention. It is not necessary that the child saw your chagrin. Especially you should not abuse the kid!
  • It is good if the kid sees and will learn to understand all process. As we get a pot as we take off pants as then we put on them as we exempt a pot from contents and we move away him. If the procedure turns into an interesting ritual at which mummy will communicate with the child and to pronounce each stage, the child will quicker remember all sequence.
  • We accustom the kid to a certain daily routine. Always seat the child on a pot before walk and before going to bed.
  • Color and form of a pot are not of great importance if the pot is chosen correctly by the size. It is important that the kid treated a pot not as to a toy and as a subject of a certain purpose.
  • If the kid did not wear diapers, or wore them not often, then process of schooling will go quicker. If the child bigger amount of time was in diapers, then some time he will do pools and small groups on a floor.
  • Than the child and what he spends bigger time the naked child is more senior, that process of accustoming to a pot will take place easier. For example, to accustom the child at the age of one year to a pot, month or two is necessary. If the kid is more than two years old, then process takes, as a rule, one-two weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team