We travel on the car: than to entertain the child on the way?

We travel on the car: than to entertain the child on the way?

Preparation for a distant travel on the car with the child will demand from adult efforts and imagination. Active children hard transfer the forced inaction, especially being fastened in a children's car seat. The long travel can turn into the tiresome test irritating both the driver, and passengers. The tranquility and the world reigning in salon is a guarantee of a safe trip.

What can entertain the child during the travel?

The choice of the entertaining means: toys, books, gadgets it is dictated first of all by age of the traveler. To the kid gather many bright safe objects: cubes, ducks, birdies, large details of the designer, thick felt-tip pens, beautiful pebbles. Everything that, by your experience, can attract interest and  will not constitute any danger in the conditions of the moving car. Put in a big transparent plastic can with the closed cover. It is good that the child himself could open and close it. It is a game element too.

Such improvised game exercise machine is capable to occupy the child for a long time. Adults should take active part in entertainment. To call objects, colors, to help to put, get and again to put contents in different combinations. It not only will occupy the kid for some time, but also will serve as lessons of acquaintance to properties of objects.

Bright large pyramids, volume stickers, magnetic screens for drawing, books with large bright drawings — all this the things capable for a long time to occupy attention of the small child. Parental control and participation in a game — an indispensable condition. More difficult task — for long term to carry away children of an average and the advanced kindergarten age. Natural desire to comprehend the world in the movement, does not allow them to be engaged in something in one long. Switch children's attention to different games and objects each 20-30 minutes. For a car are thought up and toys which fasten to glass of the car or on a back of front seat are made. These are various arches, musical wheels and horizontal tables tablets for drawing. Protective screens on side glass are convenient. They are executed in the form of plastic arches with  the figures or soft toys suspended to them and, in passing, protect a car seat of the kid from sunshine. It will be interesting to children "to drive" together with dad. For this purpose it is possible to get a toy wheel which fastens on front seat of a car or on a children's chair. On a bright cheerful wheel there is a set of buttons and levers by which it is possible to click, switch them and "to bibikat", of course. Also various gadgets will come to the rescue. Cartoons on the screen of the tablet or the built-in monitor of the car. Audiofairy tales, songs from animated films downloaded in an audioplayer — it is possible to use all this in a long journey for entertainment of children. Pick up what is pleasant to your child. Favourite heroes of animated films will help to pass away time. However you remember that it is wrong to replace with them communication with parents.  Besides, in the moving car it is difficult to watch the screen and   to children's health it does not do well, as well as long stay in earphones. Talk to children more. It is more difficult and more tiresome for the adult, but it is much more useful to the little person.

Travel — time for communication and development of the child

Use time presented to you by circumstances for communication with the child. Even the smallest with pleasure will listen to rhymes and songs, to learn them together with you. Children are more senior willingly will learn letters, words, numbers. You never know it is possible to consider on the road: from apples on a car seat to cars on the route. Together to look for the set letter, a word, the sign on signs. Do not forget about the fact that in two-three hours of a way it is necessary to stop and give the chance to the child to get out of the car. To warm up: to wave, jump, poprisedat. The travel on the car , anyway, will become for the child a bright event. Make every effort to that long time was on the way remembered by joyful impressions for all travelers, but  did not turn into dreadful reminiscence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team