What advice on education of children does not need to be followed

What advice on education of children does not need to be followed

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Such situation when from all directions the set of councils for education of children pours is familiar to you? Agree, sometimes it very much irritates. And sometimes at all harms. There are only 10 councils which need precisely to be ignored if you wish to grow up the children happy.

1. Nothing terrible, he is a boy!

When the child begins to be pushed, kicked, fight, he needs to be stopped. And to do a discount for a floor – the last business. Otherwise it is possible to grow up the man who in family life with ease will raise a hand against the wife. Do you need it?

2. Why do you constantly praise the children? It cannot be done!

Children it is necessary to praise for their good acts surely. Otherwise as they will understand that they made something correctly? Besides, by pediatricians it is noticed that the simple parental praise contributes to the development in children of feeling of self-esteem and the correct self-assessment. 

3. Leave he (she) alone, let it will be cried!

Categorically it is impossible to leave the small child alone with the problems. To him parental support is very important. Therefore if the kid is upset or cries, surely embrace him, press to yourself, tell that everything will be good. 

4. Do not punish the child, he still small!

Of course, physical punishment has to be eliminated from an educational system once and for all! Do not beat the children, do not injure their mentality. And if the child made a bad act, find other way of punishment. For example, forbid to watch cartoons within several days or stand for several minutes in the corner. It will help the kid to understand that not any acts are good. 

5. Do not worry, the school will quickly teach to read it!

It is not necessary to dump everything on teachers. It is necessary to understand that at school nobody will be able to pay to your child due attention. So to learn there will read to it much more difficult, than at home.

6. Nothing terrible, let the child will play video games!

Researches of scientists showed that games on the computer have an adverse effect on development of children: they worsen memory, fine motor skills badly develop. Of course, absolutely to protect the child from the computer it will not turn out, but try to limit time which the kid spends near it. 

7. It is necessary to punish for strong hysterics of the child!

No way! If the child strongly cries or rolls up hysterics, he needs to be calmed, but not to punish. Surely! But it does not mean that you have to it concede in everything. Just embrace, tell why you cannot make that he wants, reach compromise.

8. Do not take the child on hands, otherwise he will grow up spoiled!

If the kid asks on handles to mom or dad, he should be lifted and pressed to himself. Be not afraid to spoil the child, from hugs nothing similar happens. Be afraid not to give the rest to the baby of the love. Otherwise he will grow up very diffident. 

9. Why the child does not obey you? He has to submit blindly!

All just the opposite. The child should not obey in everything the parents. He has to have own opinion on any given occasion. A task of mom and dad – to make so that this opinion was correct and did not remove for a framework of legal. If to force the kid to submit blindly to you, having become the adult, he will make all the acts under the influence of more authoritative persons. 

10. You so just allow the child to eat sweet, same is harmful!

Actually, it is harmful to it to forbid to eat absolutely sweet. The child has to know sense of proportion. And your task as parents to develop this feeling at it. Otherwise it is possible to wait for such moment when the child in tons absorbs various goodies when parents do not see it. 

There are those 10 councils which should not be followed at education of the child. Protect the children, you love them, you give the care. Good luck!

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