What age difference between children is better

What age difference between children is better

Children – the greatest joy. Many couples see the future with two, and even three children. But what has to be an optimum age difference between them? To leave things to chance or to think over everything? How will it be best of all for children?

The age difference of four years and is considered big more. In what advantages?

First of all, mom will not need to cope along with pregnancy and with the small child. 

The maternal organism will be completely restored, the woman will have a rest and will restore forces.

Besides, the child advanced age will be able already to be independent if not completely, then partially. It will even be able to help with care for the kid, only you should not do of the firstborn the nurse-nurse. It has to bring joy to the senior child, he has to feel that he acts at own will, only for the love of the younger brother or the sister.

But there are in a big age difference and minuses. First of all, children with such difference seldom become close friends, they have different interests. And if the difference makes years 14-16, then the firstborn cannot perceive the second child equal to in any way. Needs of children absolutely different, one will need replacement of diapers, another will ask to help to solve problems of trigonometry. It will be difficult to Mame to switch from one task to another.

It is possible that the firstborn who still realized himself as only child in family, will not be delighted to replenishment at all and for it younger will become the rival for love and attention of parents. The jealousy will be almost inevitable. But there are children who dream of the brother or the sister therefore the number of the conflicts will be minimized.

Small age difference the difference up to three years is considered. Pluses are that children are similar, they have more common interests, it is pleasant to them in the company of each other. It is easier to organize life of children who were born with a small age difference from the technical and practical parties. They can go to one kindergarten, then to one school, section, a circle, will go to bed at the same time and to listen to identical fairy tales. 

But there are also negative sides, for example, it is difficult to raise two small children, demands many forces, energy. Even one small child can great complicate life. Besides, the decree will drag on and very difficult will enter then the former course after such long break in work.

Psychologists advise to wait between the birth of the first child and the second, at least, three years. Each child in this case will receive the share of the necessary attention and care, and parents will strongly not be tired. Gynecologists also agree with psychologists, the female body needs rest. And mothers who have similar experience, say that the difference is always individual, it is very important to find golden mean, to think over everything, to consider all factors which influence family, its budget, psychology, physical capacities. It is worth thinking of the second child when everything is already settled and will enter the necessary course.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team