What air temperature has to be at school

What air temperature has to be at school

Observance of optimum temperature moisture conditions at school - guarantee of maintaining health of school students. Only it can fulfill this requirement administrations of school together with municipal services.

To speak only about temperature level in school rooms it is not absolutely right because when developing standards to air thermal mode of educational institutions several factors are considered: - existence of air exchange and its intensity; - relative humidity;

- air temperature.

What there are optimum temperature moisture conditions of

Considering above-mentioned parameters and having studied their impact on health of school students, scientists developed optimum criteria for various school rooms which are stated in "Sanitary and epidemiologic rules and standards (the SanPiN – 10).

In attention the area, the maximum flow of pupils passing in a day through any given office, a possibility of airing is accepted. The windows corked for the winter, the damp cleaning made once a day as even at observance of optimum temperature, but at violation of level of humidity, an environment, not comfortable for a children's organism, is created are absolutely inadmissible tightly. It is not admissible that temperature at school was defined by mood of administration, the workers of a heating system serving the school boiler house or parents who accustomed the child to more high temperature of air indoors. Especially as temperature condition of each person is individual. The law for educational institution is the SanPiN, and otherwise cannot be.

Requirements to offices

In offices of the small area where the psychologist or the logopedist carry out individual work, air temperature from 18 to 24 degrees is considered optimum. Same it is acceptable for the assembly hall, the foyer, library and the dining room where a large number of children and teachers is, but not for all day. In workshops where children are busy often with physical work, temperature is a little lower (17-20). The same norm belongs to the gym where it is even recommended to hold opened transoms during the classes, without allowing a draft. This rule works if air temperature on the street is higher + 5. At low temperatures the through airing needs to be carried out between lessons. If at school are equipped at the gym shower, then there temperature has to reach 22-25 degrees. In sports locker rooms and medical office 20-22. During vacation it is admissible to reduce air temperature at school to 15 degrees. To exercise constant control of observance of temperature condition, it is necessary to supply all premises of school with thermometers. The humidity of air should not go beyond allowable limits of 40-60%. Regular airing which should be carried out at all seasons of the year will help to respect these rules. If the ambient temperature lower than-10, then rather through 5-minute airing on a big change and minute on small. In process of temperature increase on the street also airing time increases. Observance of these rules demands regular performance from the teacher who, perhaps, not always wants to bring all class on small change out of an office. And the administration of school should take care during summer repair of that windows or transoms were in working order.

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