What allocations at pregnancy are admissible

What allocations at pregnancy are admissible

The nature of vaginal allocations during pregnancy is defined by changes of a hormonal background of the woman. In different terms of pregnancy their quantity can increase or decrease, but the main thing that they did not cause trouble.

Why there are allocations at pregnancy whether it is normal?

Active influence of hormone of progesterone on an organism of future mother is characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period its task is deduction of the impregnated ovum in a uterus cavity, and the mucous stopper formed in the canal of a neck of the uterus blocks from it an exit.

From 1 to 12 week of pregnancy under the influence of progesterone from a genital tract the mucous transparent clots soiling underwear can be allocated. At some women they are white and very dense, and they are considered as normal in the absence of discomfortable feelings.

Not to allow activity of microorganisms, the pregnant woman has to follow rules of personal hygiene and refuse wearing synthetic linen. For absorption of allocations it is necessary to use sanitary pads.

Whether the nature of allocations upon termination of the first trimester changes?

The 13th week of pregnancy is significant strong fixing of a fruit in a uterus and maturing of a placenta. Since this period and until the end of all pregnancy, the maternal organism gets under influence of the estrogen responsible for development of a uterus and formation of dairy channels into breasts. As for allocations, in 2–3 trimester they continue to remain colourless or whitish, only the quantity them considerably increases. If they do not cause to the woman trouble, there is no occasion to be anxious. Otherwise you should not be guided only by a normal type of allocations as rather serious diseases of a female genital can be behind the white allocations which are followed by an itch or burning. Therefore at emergence of any unpleasant feelings in an intimate zone it is necessary to hand over dab from a vagina.

If allocations at pregnancy became a symptom of an infectious disease, in the absence of treatment it can get through a placenta and have an adverse effect on development of a fruit, up to his death.

Whether allocations in the form of liquid are symptom of pathology?

Emergence of liquid allocations in pregnant women – result of effect of the same progesterone. Normal they are considered in the absence of discomfort, an unpleasant smell and strange color. Whitish they or transparent are already feature of a concrete organism. If liquid watery allocations became the reason of puffiness and irritation of genitals, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist urgently. During pregnancy the microflora of a vagina becomes the most susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms which often provoke exacerbations of fungal diseases.

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