What are compliments on a letter ""And"

What are compliments on a letter ""And"

The compliment is a magic wand in hands of any person. Having told two-three of pleasant words, it is possible to lighten the interlocutor the mood for all day! Compliments on letter "A" generate a lot of emotions in the hearts of people. So it turned out that they precisely characterize the identity of each person therefore have to be said with care.


1. "Artistic" is a compliment which will be pleasant to the person who is eager for attention. It is not obligatory to tell this word to the true actor. The beautiful girl who is persistently trying to make an impression on someone will be pleasantly surprised with a similar praise, and here the modest guy will be surprised to such characteristic of own personality.

2. "Accurate" – a compliment which has to be said purposefully. You should not praise so the careless person for the reason that he as a result will not change and will behave still. This compliment is among the most unromantic. It is possible to tell about accuracy to the pupil, the subordinate, the child, but not the girlfriend.

3. "Active" – a target compliment. It is possible to call those friends, fellow workers and people just pleasant to you. It is worth doing it in case the person really takes active living position.

4. "Ambitious" – a compliment very original. Is suitable for the people who are precisely understanding value of this word. It is so possible to call the personality, successful in the sphere of business. This word with pronounced emotional coloring also characterizes the person who has the overestimated requirements to quality of own life.

5. "Appetizing" – a back-handed compliment. It is possible to tell it only to the person with whom you consist in close relations. The word "appetizing" perfectly characterizes the sexy woman, however it will seem to the man strange. Similar compliments are appropriate only in a circle of well familiar people.

6. "Angelic" – an adjective which can characterize both behavior of the person, and his inner world. It is the best of all to pay such compliments to girls as the man can consider belittling his men's advantage.

7. "Most august" – the word designating in the ancient time the royal personality, sacred nature. Today it is used as a sophisticated compliment. Usually "the most august person" call pride young ladies with the expressed self-respect.

8. "Fragrant" – the compliment intended to women. It is possible to tell it to the lady with whom you consist in rather close relations. It is a little compliments beginning on letter "A", but they perfectly characterize personal qualities of people and are very original.

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