What are necessary documents for receiving alimony

What are necessary documents for receiving alimony

In the majority a case the concept of alimony is associated with payment of a certain sum of money on keeping of the child. Many mothers, having been left with the child and without spouse, deny to themselves financial support as they consider that it is very difficult to issue receiving alimony. It not absolutely so, for the solution of a question the minimum set of documents is in court necessary.


1. The mothers raising children without participation of fathers should not pull a burden of material contents independently, there is a law, and it obliges both parents to incur charges of the children. If the father the conscious citizen is also ready to participate voluntarily in maintenance costs of the child or children, then it needs to be issued documentary. Between parents it is necessary to conclude the agreement on payment of alimony. The agreement is concluded in writing and certified notarially. It is necessary to provide for the notary: passports of the parties of the agreement, birth certificate of the child, certificate on marriage or divorce certificate. The agreement can be concluded only on reaching the arrangement of the parties concerning the amount of alimony and terms of payments.

2. If the father of the child evades from payment of monetary pay to the kid, then in this case it is necessary to appeal to court behind obtaining the judgment. For this purpose it is necessary to send to court: the statement of claim, the birth certificate of the child, the reference from a passport office, for confirmation that the child lives with mom, if any, that the certificate of the salary of the father. All documents are put to the statement in copies, originals are submitted on a review of court already in the course of judicial proceedings. If the residence of the father is unknown, the statement of claim is submitted to magistrate's court at the place of residence of the child.

3. As a rule, the amount of alimony is established in shares to the income of the parent. On one child 25% of the sum of net income are collected; for two 33% and for three and more than 50% of the sum of net income. Alimony is collected monthly. If the parent does not work, then the amount of monthly alimony can be established in the fixed sum. Alimony is collected from any income of the parent before age of majority of the child. If the parent has a debt on payment of alimony, then debt will be collected also after eighteen-year age of the child.

4. The court bailiff is engaged in collecting. In its task enters to find out presence of property at the unfair parent, the place of its work and accommodation. Inquiries are for this purpose sent to public authorities. After the place of work is established, the court order is sent to accounts department of the enterprise and every month there is an automatic deduction of the sum of money in favor of the parent living with the child. The court bailiff has the right to control an order of charge and payment of alimony.

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