What are outdoor games for preschool children

What are outdoor games for preschool children

Children of preschool age of a giperpodvizhna, and somehow to pacify them a heat, it is necessary to organize for children of a game which will be to the taste to them and at the same time will spend a lot of energy, saved in this small creation.

"Find the place"

Game with chairs which is called "Find the place", can accomodate any number of players. Chairs and one stick will be necessary for its execution. All players sit down on chairs, except one – driving. Driving goes along the chairs put in a row or around with participants and, at discretion, near one of chairs strikes a floor with a stick. That near whom it struck has to rise and go for driving. It everything goes meanwhile along chairs and strikes a floor with a stick until all sitting do not rise from the places and will not follow it. After a while driving again strikes with a stick a floor, but already two times. It is a signal that children need to take the places again, but this time everything is not so simple, driving too seeks to make it, so, will not be enough for someone from players of a chair. The one who will remain without place becomes driving now, and everything repeats again.


For this game it is necessary to prepare one big and several small paper caps of different color in advance. To the participant of a game put on a big cap the head, and small suspend on a thread. After the player with a cap on the head turns three times around own axis, he has to sit down and, getting up, to pass the cap in one of suspended on a thread. One more option of a game with caps is that to each of players put on the head a paper cap with the needle fixed on it above. By means of it it is necessary to burst balloons. The one who the cap will destroy most of all spheres wins.

"Put on a cap"

Two teams which become in circles – external and internal participate in this game. In each circle the cap is put on one of players, and it has to give so it to the neighbor that the cap appeared on his head. Only it is necessary to do it without hands. That team, on first transferring which the cap was earlier wins.

"Dexterity test"

On a floor or the earth it is necessary to place in any order of a figure or a toy, it is possible to use anything. Around figures children around to the sound of music, and when music sharply stops go, each of players has to grab to himself a toy. The one who did not manage to make it leaves a game and so on, there will be no winner yet. Every time quantity of toys decreases by one together with the participant.

"Who wants apple?"

For this entertainment it is necessary to tie apples to a thread, and players have to, having approached them with the hands tied behind the back, to try to bite off apple. It only seems simply, and actually absolutely not so.

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