What baby puree well is suitable for the first feeding up

What baby puree well is suitable for the first feeding up

The newborn baby eats only breast milk or mix, and in the beginning he has enough it for the full-fledged growth and development. But over time there comes the moment when the children's organism is already ready to intake of more adult food therefore parents should solve for themselves how and when they will enter a feeding up for the child.

When it is necessary to enter a feeding up for the child

If the child is completely on breastfeeding, then about half a year more nothing is necessary to it, can only usual drinking water. There is a main thing that mom herself ate properly, eating all necessary products: dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. - all this is received also by the child together with milk.

Most of pediatricians agree in opinion that at natural feeding the child should enter the first feeding up after 6 months, and at artificial - after four and a half. But with what it is necessary to begin products - a controversial issue: some advise juice and fruit purees, others - only vegetable since they are most adapted for a children's organism.

The main condition for introduction of the first feeding up - puree has to consist only of one component which belongs to not allergenic products.

That it is better: ready can purees or homemade food

In shops the huge range of ready baby food is presented in the form of fruit, vegetable, meat mashes, juice, etc. now. Mothers need only to choose suitable and to warm. But despite abundance of cans, many parents prefer to feed the child with homemade food. In it there are many pluses: confidence in quality of a dish, observance of rules of hygiene, lack of harmful additives and GMO. Though time for cooking leaves quite a lot, and especially at the beginning of a feeding up when the child needs only one spoon. And if products are not grown up on the kitchen garden, then it is unknown how they were stored and that added for their growth - many purchased fruit vegetables in winter time contain more hazardous substances, than vitamins. As the most not allergenic products for the first feeding up from vegetables are considered: squash, cauliflower, broccoli; and from fruit: apples, pears, plums, apricots, etc. In the beginning you should not give to the child mix from several components since it is worse acquired, and in case of reaction emergence then it will be difficult to define from what it arose. At a home cooking the products should be selected, washed out very carefully, and then to cook until ready. The child should give the first food in the look crushed through a sieve or in the blender. Puree has to have a uniform consistence without any lumps and also rather liquid that the kid had no problems with ingestion. It is worth beginning with a half of a teaspoon, gradually increasing a portion up to 100 gr. If there was no allergy, then it is worth entering other component, and then it is already possible to connect them. Many pediatricians advise to begin a feeding up with can purees since they are adapted for a children's organism and undergo thorough control when cooking. Of course it is impossible to be sure that the producer really takes quality products and does not add any substances for the best storage. Upon purchase it is necessary to look at structure, addition of sugar and salt is not recommended to children about one year. Anyway, you will prepare for the child or to buy ready purees, attentively approach the choice of products. Sometimes happens that allergic reactions green apple or a squash, and maybe some causes the separate substance added to this product. Purchased fruit / vegetables often are exposed to processing, and it can cause allergies, or the producer added something to puree at its production that it also did not apprehend a children's organism.

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