What bed to buy for the newborn

What bed to buy for the newborn

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The children's bed for the newborn is one of the most necessary things. And it is necessary to treat its choice rather seriously since the child in it spends the first months the most part of time.


1. Some parents buy ""dowry"" for the kid till his birth, others trust in signs and get everything only after the delivery. Anyway, the question where to sleep to the newborn, arises at all. And the choice of a children's bed is rather difficult, especially, when it is the first child.

2. Choice of children's beds now huge. The increasing popularity is gained by special cradles for the smallest, some of them go with the electromotion sickness mode, the built-in melodies and suspended toys. The sizes sleeping a bed small are also designed approximately for the 6-8-month-old kid. Their compactness is considered advantage of these cradles and also the fact that the child will feel in them more comfortably, than on a large bed. Also it is convenient to move them on all apartment, for example, when mom has to prepare in kitchen, the kid can quietly sleep nearby. But these cradles rather expensive especially as they are used absolutely not for long. As option, it is possible to buy at someone privately.

3. One more option for a children's dream is the bed arena. It is universal model which can serve the child and the place for games. In them usually there are several levels of arrangement of a berth and also the removable board for swaddling is established. Sidewalls are made in the form of a small grid. Conveniently the fact that if desired it is easy to put, transport this bed, i.e. a great option for trips and travel. At constant use of the house there are shortcomings - insufficiently firm surface for the newborn, is too low from a floor and consequently, there is more opportunity to drafts.

4. The usual children's bed remains the most widespread option for a dream of kids. Now there is a lot of models, and producers constantly improve them. The berth sizes in these beds go standard 60 by 120 cm. There are models in which height sleeping a bed, a side back is regulated. Beds also differ in way of a motion sickness - is with removable runners, others do not shake at all. The pendular mechanism which at the easy movement continues to shake still some time enjoys the increasing popularity since it silent and rather smooth, allows to rock to sleep the child without great efforts. Distinguish the longitudinal and cross pendulum what of them is better - it is the individual choice of everyone and also preference of the kid.

5. What bed to choose, solve only to you, it depends on what requirements you impose to it. The main thing what it is worth paying attention to is a naturalness of materials, good ventilation (it is better when all walls of a bed rack) and also safety. Now it is possible to find a transforming bed where together with a bed there is also a dresser with a changing table, this dresser can be removed and put further separately, and to use a bed to school age. Existence of boxes below for some are plus - as a possibility of an extra space of storage of things, and others consider useless acquisition because of a large amount of dust.

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