What books will help to understand psychology of men

What books will help to understand psychology of men

The famous American psychologist Joel Gray considers that men and women are natives from different planets. Therefore sometimes it is so difficult to them to understand each other. And so it developed that women more aspire to learning to understand men. Fortunately, to help them to understand men's psychology many books are published.

Books which will help to tame the man

In the movie by Woody Allen "Celebrity" the heroine left the husband and who met new love to avoid former mistakes, goes behind council to "call girl". However in real life not everyone will make up the mind to this courageous step. Meanwhile those who are usually called "prostitutes" really perfectly studied men's psychology. One of them – the Englishwoman with the French pseudonym Bel de Jour – decided to share the knowledge with women of the whole world. Great Britain read her book in the subway, previously having wrapped up in the newspaper, even the most well-educated ladies. In the "Guide on men" Bel allocates the existing types of men, tells, to communicate properly with each of them and what they expect from women. Besides the book will help also the woman to understand what type it treats and to develop the strategy of conquest of the desired man.

And here the writer Karen Salmanson considers that to solve the problems which arose in relationship with the man it is necessary to address for council trainers of dogs. Her book "How to Force the Man to Become the Person, Using Councils of Professional Trainers of Dogs" offers very effective methods of "training" of men. The book will help to understand how to cause positive emotions in the elect and to achieve from him good attitude. Having read it, the woman will learn to suppress "animal instincts" of the man, to force it to submit only by means of a look and will achieve that the man will become her reliable friend.

What to read to understand the relations

Often it seems to the woman that her elect somehow strange behaves. Whether it is too busy, whether is rather afraid of her. She is ready to wait for hours for it a call and years – proposals. However it is not possible to wait for result. Authors of the book "You just are not pleasant to it: all truth about men" Greg Berendt and Lise Tuccillo are ready to open for women of an eye on the true reasons of men's acts. And let the truth will be unfavourable, but it will help to get rid of psychological dependence and to cease to spend aimlessly the life. And, at last, two books by Steve Harvey which allowed it to find the expert's rank in the field of the relations: "Arrive as the woman, think as the man" and "You know nothing about men". The father of 4 daughters decided to help not only to them, but also to a great number of other women to understand secrets of men's psychology and to find the way to harmony in the relations. Thanks to his books, many lonely women managed to find family happiness. So, if in life that does not develop, you should not despond – better to pick up the book which will help to understand features of psychology of the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team