What break to take between children

What break to take between children

Some families do not want to stop on the birth of one child and plan to bring one more kid through some time. Many have a question what break it is better to take between children.


If to give birth to two children in a row, the general time spent of mom in the decree will be reduced, and adults will have no feeling that at their house constantly there is a baby. In 2 years after the birth of the younger child of both children it is possible to send to kindergarten, without being afraid that the senior will infect the baby. Often it seems to parents that children in 1 year perfectly will play with a difference with each other. It will not be obligatory so. Even twins and twins are not always on friendly terms among themselves. Whether children will be able to get on, first of all depends on their temperament and readiness of parents to teach them to communicate.

To give rise pellets, mom should become pregnant almost right after childbirth. As process of expectation of the kid will proceed, it is impossible to predict. Often the woman wants to lie down and have a rest. At the same time she on hands has a baby who constantly needs mother's care. It is physically heavy. Therefore if you want to give rise pellets, ask for the help in child care relatives or invite the nurse.

Difference in 2-3 years

The birth of children with a difference is better transferred to 2-3 years physically. During the second pregnancy the senior child does not need constant carrying on hands and every minute control any more. Usually at the age of 2-3 years children go to kindergarten. In the first year they, as a rule, often are ill and to infect baby can. Think whether you are ready to look after at the same time the baby and the child of 2-3 years who does not go to a garden. At this age at many children the behavior spoils, they often shout and are capricious. It is natural process of growing of nervous system, and he seldom manages to be avoided. At these moments the child needs especially attention of parents. At the same time noise can wake the sleeping baby, and you should calm the kid. In such age difference there is a mass of pluses. The younger child will be able to learn much from the senior. In several years they with ease will play the same games if adults to them help to learn to get on with each other.

Difference in 4-7 years

The difference in 4-7 years, perhaps, is most optimum for parents. By this time the organism of the woman is completely restored after the previous pregnancy. The senior child already goes to kindergarten or school, the period of constant diseases already passed. And mom can devote herself to the kid. But there can be problems in career of the woman. She returned from a child care leave only recently, and already goes on new maternity leave.

Difference of 8 and more years

If at the time of the birth of the younger child the senior is 8 and more years old, mom will be able without fear to leave children in the room of some that it is difficult to imagine at a smaller age difference. Minus in such situation only one – children will not play together since their interests will be too different. But having matured, they can quite become true friends.

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