What cartoons children can watch

What cartoons children can watch

Animated movies play an important role in the course of education. Look at how children imitate favourite heroes, since repetition of phrases and finishing with behavior. Now there were so many animated films that sometimes it is difficult to parents to decide that children can watch them. Therefore, choosing entertainment for children, the main thing not to do much harm to their development.

The animated film has to suit the child on age. Be not surprised that even the 15-year-old teenager after viewing animated films for adults, for example, of Simpsona or "South Park", will copy Bart or Kartman's behavior.

Pay attention to how the main characters behave and what their behavior is approved, especially if their image is painted positively. If your child cannot come off viewing series about Mischa and Masha and asks to buy Masha's doll, it is possible that he soon will begin to behave also.

Humour - the best way to entrain the teenager. Notice what is ridiculous. Bad qualities, for example, laziness or nonsense are sometimes derided, and mutual aid and aspiration to knowledge is sometimes derided. Therefore choose what will well affect development of your child.

Who won, and who lost? What did history end with? In fairy tales two images are usually shown: bad and good. However the good has to overcome always the evil, thereby justifying the weaknesses which turn later into strengths.

The child identifies himself with heroes to whom take a liking. Boys often imitate male heroes and expect from girls, mothers and grandmothers of such behavior what is shown in the animated film by female characters. Girls, on the contrary, study at female characters and create an image of the man on men's types.

The esthetics and technology of the image multgeroyev is also important. Than the image is more harmonious and than it is closer to reality, that will better created a concept of beauty at the child.

It is the best of all to watch the animated film together with the child at least once. Pay attention to existence of the ambiguous moments. Ask the child as he understood them and if it accepted "harmful" I will shift, explain in what its minuses. The child has to understand that there is virtual "animation" life, and there is real – real in which there are also other rules.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team