What cartoons to show to the one-year-old child

What cartoons to show to the one-year-old child

Thanks to animated films the kid can gain new knowledge and just have a good time, and parents can find additional 15-20 minutes on household or personal records while their kids watch favourite series.


1. Before showing to the small child the first animated films, it is necessary to take away the kid on survey to the oculist and to learn whether is not present at the baby of problems with sight. If the child has a bad heredity or problems with eyes began, the doctor, most likely, will advise not to watch TV and not to use other electronic devices of type of laptops and tablets until the kid is at least 3 years old. If the child has a normal sight, then aged from 1 up to 2 years he can watch animated films 15-20 minutes a day, at the same time each viewing should not exceed 7-10 minutes.

2. The one-year-old child cannot watch a plot yet therefore it is better to postpone animated films in which acts of heroes follow from one in another throughout all action for 1-2 years. The animated films consisting of several logically complete parts will be suitable for your child, each of which lasts no more than 2-3 minutes. For example, at first there can be a small song, then the fragment devoted to studying flowers, and further – a fragment about figures. By such principle the animated film TinyLove is constructed. Its duration is about half an hour that excessively there is a lot of for the one-year-old child. Therefore it is recommended to show it parts no more than 10 minutes everyone.

3. The first animated films will help the child to learn colors, to remember figures and letters, to understand some natural phenomena and to expand the lexicon. Even if the child did not begin to speak yet (and it is absolutely normal at the age of 1 year), he will remember concepts, and in half a year-year will become free them to use. Animated films of the Baby Einstein series will be suitable for intellectual development of the child. The kid can get acquainted with the world of flowers and paints thanks to the animated film "Baby Van Gogh".

4. The animated films suitable for viewing one-year-old children, the BabyTV TV channel offers. In TV program of the channel a set of the short developing animated films devoted to development of the account, alphabet, name of vegetables and fruit. The majority of series leaves in English thanks to what your kid will be able to learn the first foreign words without effort.

5. Many children like "Masha and the Bear", "Luntik", "Peppa Pig" and also the Soviet animated films. However at one-year-old age the child is not able to understand yet that it is good and that it is bad, and even explanations of parents will be too difficult for his understanding therefore the advantage of these animated films for such small children will not be. Besides quickly replaced picture, bright colors and loud music of some animated films can excessively tire both the child's eyes, and his nervous system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team