What causes of children's enuresis

What causes of children's enuresis

About 15% of children at the age of 5-12 years face such problem as enuresis. Urine incontinence very much complicates adaptation of the child in children's collectives and family, and teenagers on this soil often have medico-social conflicts.

Causes of children's enuresis

Distinguish two types of children's enuresis. At primary the incontinence of urine is shown in the period of a dream when the child does not wake up when his bladder is crowded. Secondary develops because of the acquired or congenital diseases.

Immaturity or delay of a bladder and nervous system can become the reason of appearance of enuresis. In this case various psychoneurological violations, for example, a deficiency syndrome of attention and violation of behavior can be shown.

Also the stress can influence appearance of this disease. For example, change of a situation, separation from mom, quarrels in the family circle. The great influence has heredity. If at the child's parents in the childhood the same problem was observed, most likely, the kid will face it too. Violation of secretion of anti-diuretic hormone can be the cause of children's enuresis. It regulates amount of the produced urine. The more it in blood, the less liquid it is formed. Normal such process happens at night, but at incontinence all exactly the opposite. Also diseases of an urinogenital system can become the reason of incontinence. It can be narrowing of an urethra or small capacity of a bladder.

Treatment of children's enuresis

Treatment will depend on the urine incontinence reason. More often the disease is diagnosed and treat on an outpatient basis. As a rule, hospitalization is not required if only enuresis is not caused by diseases of a bladder and kidneys. Very important during treatment to trace the volume of the consumed child's liquid. In two hours prior to a dream it is better for it not to drink at all, and to exclude artificial and highly carbonated drinks in the afternoon. Fruit drinks on the basis of cowberry and a cranberry also should not be included in a diet because they possess diuretic action. It is necessary to have supper to the child at least in three hours prior to a dream. The dinner has to include fruit and also milk and kefir. Food should be washed down with the tea made of a yarrow and a St. John's wort. Before going to bed check that the child descended in a toilet. For the night leave a pot at a bed. It is better not to switch off a night lamp because children often are afraid of the dark, but hesitate to tell parents about it. It is not necessary to awake the child in the middle of the night. It will prevent good rest of nervous system. During treatment the psychological comfort of the child is very important. It is impossible to allow formations of sense of guilt because of a wet bed at all. It is impossible to punish and abuse the kid because it can lead to a nevrotization.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team