What characterizes the third week of pregnancy

What characterizes the third week of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy the blastocyst from the surface of a uterus deletes cages and does deepening there to be attached. This period of landing is called implantation. It often is followed by blood allocations which do not pose for themselves threat. The period of implantation proceeds about 40 hours. At this time the reserve of the vital substances in an ovum comes to an end – now the embryo begins to eat from mother's organism. It is new level in development, now it will depend completely on mother till the birth.

At this time all happening processes are interconnected. The blastocyst emits the hormones necessary for pregnancy development. At the end of the third week of pregnancy the germ will consist approximately of 250 cages, the size of its 0.15 mm, length up to 2 mm, the weight of 2-3 mkg. From this point it begins to develop and grow promptly. On this term the woman, perhaps, does not know even about the pregnancy, but can suspect about its approach. From third week there comes the second of three critical periods of pregnancy, it will last till 7th week.

On this term the risk of formation of uglinesses, anomalies, pathologies as from this week all bodies and the systems of the child are put is high. Already rudiments of digestive, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular systems appear, a mouth, extremities, an endocrine system are formed. Therefore it is necessary to be kept. Pay special attention to the way of life, a physical and emotional state, food. If pregnancy was planned – it easy to provide that. And if conception spontaneous, then there can be first signs of the occurred pregnancy already now: frequent desires in a toilet, changes of taste, nausea.

Signs on the third week of pregnancy:

  • nagrubaniye of breasts;
  • the increased basal temperature;
  • change of appetite and taste;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pains in the lower part of a stomach;
  • frequent urination;
  • disorder of intestines;
  • increased fatigue;
  • constant sleepy feeling.

Often these signs of the woman perceive as the beginning of periods. Hormonal reorganizations of an organism are followed by changes of mood: nervousness, irritability, capriciousness, unstable emotional background and another. If on this term the woman decides to make the test for pregnancy, then he will hardly confirm pregnancy existence. It is the best of all to go to clinic and to make ultrasonography. Unlike tests, it even on such term will show, the woman is pregnant or not. Besides, the doctor will estimate a uterus condition.

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