What children of 3-5 years can eat

What children of 3-5 years can eat

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Children aged from 3 up to 5 years are quite capable to eat "adult" food. Therefore parents think whether those products which make a diet of the kid are useful and safe. At this age for children there are some food restrictions. And also the norms of food necessary for the normal growth and development of the child are defined.

The balanced intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is necessary for the growing organism of the child of 3-5-year age group. From necessary norm - 65 g of protein, about 2/3 have to be animal origin. It is reached due to consumption of digestible meat (veal, beef, chicken) and dairy products. The child of preschool age needs daily norm about a half of liter of milk and other dairy products (kefir, acidophilus milk, cottage cheese). Besides proteins, with dairy products the diet of the child will include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other necessary minerals.

The growing organism has to receive vegetable proteins from various grain, bean products and fresh vegetables. At this age the child with pleasure uses friable porridges as a garnish for meat or fish and also in the form of an independent dish. It is necessary to add butter in small amounts to porridges. The general the necessary volume of fats for the child from 3 to 5 years 65 g, from them should not exceed not less than 15% - plant origin. Excessively greasy food at this age is badly acquired, especially if to use it for the night.

Carbohydrates help digestion of fats and proteins, their requirement for children of this age makes 270 g. By drawing up the menu for the kid consider that carbohydrates to contain not only in fruit, but in vegetables and grain. Such products as chocolate and cocoa, in the absence of an allergy are not harmful, however it is worth avoiding their excessive use. Derivatives of cocoa beans excitingly affect nervous system and if your child belongs to the category of hyperactive children - better absolutely to exclude them from a diet. For good digestion of the child at this age it is necessary to accustom to fresh fruit, vegetables and greens salads. Boiled and fried vegetable food has to be in a diet too. For example, squash fritters, vegetable stew, stuffed peppers, the baked pumpkin , etc. Vegetable cellulose provides a normal vermicular movement of intestines and prevention of locks. When cooking for the child it is possible to use seasonings for improvement of tastes, however it is necessary to consider also preferences. Not all children like garlic, ginger or pepper. For a change the kids menu the child can give sometimes canned or fish meat, a pickles and smoking. But you should not be fond of them. At this age the four times diet since food is digested in a stomach approximately in 4 hours is considered optimum. The total daily amount of food is of 1500 for 3-year-old till 1800 for 5 summer children. It is an average indicator, and the bigger or smaller amount of food can be required by some children. However you should not overfeed the child, the surplus of food is fraught with problems with digestion and excess weight. The menu at the child will be more various, the he will receive more useful substances. And of course, when laying a dish it is worth paying attention to beautiful registration. For example, a combination of bright vegetables on a garnish for meat, porridge with pieces of fruit or a smilie from jam on casserole - these "strokes" in laying will help to feed with healthy food even choosy in food the baby.

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