What children's shampoo is the best of all

What children's shampoo is the best of all

Hair of the child are formed up to 14 years and up to this point require a special care. To apply "adult" means to washing of the head of children" it is inadmissible: they too aggressively influence head skin of the kid and can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Therefore it is worth taking care of special child shampoo, it is desirable, the best.

Industrial shampoo

Choosing child shampoo, first of all pay attention to its structure. It is desirable to give preference to the natural means which are not containing sodium laureth sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate) or polyethyleneglycol and other chemical components. Of course, at industrial production of shampoos are used generally allowed for production of cosmetics, including the nursery, ingredients, but nevertheless the shampoo made on the basis of a root of a mylnyanka or soap nut will be more useful and more eco-friendly. Once you choose the means enriched with useful extracts of herbs, such, a calendula, a camomile, a train, wheat germs, etc.

Externally shampoo has to be transparent. Too bright color of means demonstrates availability in it of synthetic dyes. The aroma of children's shampoo has to be gentle, ideally – almost inaudible: natural ingredients cannot smell too sharply. If at means too expressed smell, then fragrances are its part that can cause allergic reactions in the kid.

It will be very quite good if at a bottle of children's shampoo there is an inscription "without tears" or "does not pinch eyes". Kids very violently and negatively react if soap or shampoo irritates a mucous membrane of eyes, and can even refuse bathing. Pay attention to a bottle into which means is packed: it has to be convenient to be used, bathing the kid, your attention will be concentrated, first of all on the child, and the inconvenient shampoo which is slipping out hands will distract attention.

House means

Recently many try to replace industrial means natural, and to buy what cosmetics not all have an opportunity. Therefore some parents prefer to use the "shampoos" made independently for washing of the head of the kid. Such position is not deprived of sense. Really, at independently made shampoos there are only natural components, so, they will not do harm to gentle children's head skin and the formed hair bulbs. But not all house recipes are suitable for the child. So, you should not use for washing of children's hair of acid (vinegar or juice of a lemon) since the RN level at children's skin is slightly higher, than at adults. Also you should not apply various oils: they hammer skin pores and break a natural microenvironment on its surface. It is impossible to use also such aggressive components as mustard or alcohol-containing liquids – they cause irritation. It is possible to wash the child's hair with the grain crumb soaked in warm water, an egg yolk – these means feed hair, do them by stronger. It is also useful to use "false washing", i.e., in other words, rinsing of children's hair broths and infusions of herbs. Well the nettle, a pharmaceutical camomile, a St. John's wort, a calendula will be suitable for these purposes. The combination of industrial means for washing which nevertheless have the best washing ability, than the "shampoos" made according to national recipes and house means will be ideal hair care of the child. So, once a week it is possible to use industrial shampoo, and daily or every other day to apply folk remedies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team