What clothing size to buy to the newborn

What clothing size to buy to the newborn

Future mothers and fathers and also young parents often ask a question of that what clothes of the size the newborn needs to buy. The size of baby's undershirts, panties, romper suit needs to be selected taking into account growth of the baby.


1. If you need to buy clothes for the newborn, be guided first of all by growth of the kid. Some parents buy all necessary in advance and at the same time choose clothes of the smallest size. It is not necessary to do it. Get in advance only the most necessary, giving preference to the clothes calculated on average parameters of newborns.

2. On the majority of models of baby's undershirts, panties, overalls and other clothes for kids there is a marking of the size which means growth of the child. The smallest size - 52. It is necessary only seldom or never. For example, the clothes of this size will be suitable for newborns who were born premature, or for absolutely tiny babies. Their growth at the birth, as a rule, is no more than 50 centimeters.

3. If growth of the kid at the birth was 52-54 centimeters, buy for it initially clothes of the 56th size. Do not buy it too much. Remember that in the first months of life the kid very quickly grows. In 1-2 months the clothes to him will be small and you should buy jackets, panties, overalls are one size more.

4. If the kid was born large and his growth at an extract was 57 centimeters and more, choose clothes 62 sizes. It will fit the newborn. When the kid a little grows up, he needs clothes 74 sizes.

5. When choosing jackets and baby's undershirts pay attention not only to product length, but also to other parameters. For example, the well-fed kid will not suit too narrow models. Choosing hats and caps, be guided by the size of a circle of the head of the baby.

6. On the clothes made in some countries there is a marking indicating age of the kid which will suit any given product. For the newborn buy the clothes intended for children from 0 to 3 months.

7. Buy warm clothes for growth. Demi-season or winter transforming overalls for newborns, for example, have the uniform size. They can be carried since the birth and before achievement of height of 86 centimeters by the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team