What coffee can be given to children

What coffee can be given to children

Children like to repeat everything after adults. Food and drinks are not an exception. The cup of fragrant coffee in the parent's hands very much intrigues the child, and desire to try simply overflows. Also it is difficult to refuse to the child. But, as we know, physicians strictly forbid to give coffee in any its kinds, ground or sublimated, to children up to 13-14 years.

Why children cannot give natural coffee

The first reason: exciting effect which coffee renders on an organism. But not all children need additional energy which at them and it is so a lot of. From one cup of coffee drunk even in the morning the child can not fall asleep in the put hour in the evening, will become whimsical and nervous. The truth renders positive effect on mental work of coffee and can help at assimilation of large volume of information.

The second reason: direct harm for health. Coffee actively brings calcium out of an organism, and calcium is extremely necessary for creation of bones of the child during growth. Besides, coffee stimulates production of sex hormones that for children is not useful at all.

The third reason: coffee causes accustoming. It stimulates the centers of pleasure in a brain that for weak mentality and the child's organism dangerously. Same concerns also some chocolate, Coca, beer. There is an inflow of forces, the mood improves, there is even a feeling of happiness, and it contacts concrete food or drink – coffee. And non-receipt of such doping can result in breakdown and a depression. Proceeding from it it becomes clear that children should not give natural coffee categorically. But drink has substitutes – i.e. the products which are not containing caffeine and not having other harmful qualities of coffee, but to taste and even on a smell very similar to it.

Coffee for children

Exist several full flavoring substitute of the coffee harmless for children which can be bought with ease in shops today. It is chicory and coffee drink from barley, a rye or a dogrose. These products can replace to children coffee, harmful to them, and bring benefit to an organism. Besides they practically do not cause allergies in children and coffee of high quality cost much cheaper. Chicory. This drink from the plant of the same name the taste very much reminds coffee. In it there are many useful substances: inulin, mineral substances, vitamins A, E, B1, B12. It possesses the all-strengthening action, improves digestion, reduces sugar in blood. Today chicory is produced with extracts of a dogrose and bilberry that adds to it useful qualities. The Gold Ear coffee drink is produced from barley and a rye. It contains such mineral substances as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium and so forth. Improve work of an intestinal path and do not excite nervous system. Coffee drinks can be given safely to children from two-year age, adding to them milk and a little sugar. Choosing a product, it is necessary to study attentively its structure since sometimes it includes small percent of coffee.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team