What consequences of epiduralny anesthesia happen

What consequences of epiduralny anesthesia happen

Epiduralny anesthesia – an anesthesia method at the birth of the child thanks to which lower body pain is blocked at the same time the woman in labor feels fights and remains in consciousness. Do spinal anesthesia by means of a prick in a backbone.

Epiduralny anesthesia at childbirth and its positive sides

Spinal labor pain relief does not influence consciousness of mother of the child when easing or absolute loss of pain. The lack of influence of epiduralny anesthesia on a condition of a fruit is proved. Thanks to this method of anesthesia the process of childbirth accelerates if delay is caused by concern of mother (blocks production of hormones of a stress – adrenaline and noradrenaline). Epiduralny anesthesia has beneficial influence on women in labor with the increased arterial blood pressure.

Epiduralny anesthesia: consequences

Tasks of the anesthesiologist include prevention of collateral reactions when holding a procedure of anesthesia. In spite of the fact that the risk of development of serious complications after epiduralny anesthesia is small, in certain cases it is not possible to avoid side effects.

Spinal anesthesia at childbirth can cause weight in legs, feeling of numbness, a shiver. After the end of time of effect of medicine this reaction of an organism disappears. Performing anesthesia of this type because of its hypotonic effect can be dangerous to pregnant women with the lowered arterial blood pressure, however the anesthesiologist has an opportunity to enter the special drugs increasing blood pressure. Perhaps emergence of allergic reactions therefore it is important to pregnant woman to warn the attending physician about on what medicines at her an allergy. In rare instances from epiduralny anesthesia there can be trouble breathing because of impact of medicines on thorax muscles, supply of oxygen is in that case possible through a mask, and this side effect disappears along with anesthesia cancellation. Hit in a venous blood-groove of the medicine applied to spinal anesthesia can break work of heart, cause consciousness loss. The risk of a complication is small as before medicine introduction the anesthesiologist makes sure that the needle is not in a vein. Sometimes, that use of epiduralny anesthesia at childbirth does not give the expected effect, then the dose of medicine can be increased, or other method of anesthesia is applied. Happens that in installation time of a catheter, the woman in labor feels feeling of a lumbago in a back, but it very quickly passes and does not give further an inconvenience. After carrying out childbirth with spinal anesthesia the preservation of pains in a back on the location of a needle is possible, however in most cases they quickly pass. Some women in labor note appearance of headaches after epiduralny anesthesia. They can be connected with the fact that the catheter got into installation time further epiduralny space. To reduce risk of this complication, during a puncture it is not necessary to move. Spinal anesthesia has also such side effects as injury of nerves, paralysis of the lower extremities, bleeding in epiduralny space, however risk of their development is insignificant is small.

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