What cookies can be given to children about one year

What cookies can be given to children about one year

Taking place in shop by shelves with baby food, many parents want to buy the child something tasty and to indulge the kid. Some of such delicacies can consider children's cookies. Information on packing says that it can be given from 5 months.

Most of pediatricians consider that in children's cookies about one year there is no need, and it is a whim of parents. The fact is that for children often add sugar and additives which are not necessary at such age to cookies, also cookies may contain gluten which is allergen. But if your kid well transfers many products, it is possible to indulge him with cookies sometimes.

When to enter cookies into a diet

According to the recommendations of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, it is possible to enter cookies into a children's diet not earlier, than from 7-8 months. When soaking cookies in milk the age of 5 months is allowed.

Cookies can become an additional source of useful substances and vitamins which are not enough in maternal milk or mix. If at the kid teeth were cut through, cookies will help to learn to chew and will facilitate an itch in gums.

What cookies to choose

Often recommend to the feeding mothers and children allergic persons the Zoological and Maria cookies as the most hypoallergenic products. However, reading structure, besides flour and water it is possible to meet there egg white, condensed milk and other additives which it is impossible to call hypoallergenic in any way. The popular Malyshok cookies contain powdered milk, eggs and gluten. These products are on the first places by the number of an allergy. Twin brothers "Baby" with identical structure: Grow Big and Bondi's Hippopotamus cookies. More or less sparing structure at children's cookies of Hipp. It does not contain some eggs and nutritional supplements, refined sugar is replaced with reed, and there is a B1 vitamin necessary for the correct growth and development of the child. It is also possible to call cookies of Heinz sparing, but at its structure there is a vanillin which can cause allergies. It is possible to bake cookies independently. However pediatricians do not advise it to do, for production of children's cookies special products are used. Besides in house conditions it is difficult to achieve the consistence melting in the mouth.

Whether cookies are so necessary for the child?

Reading structure on packings with cookies, you practically everywhere will meet powdered milk and gluten which are the most often than other products cause allergies in children. Many producers add sugar which can ferment in intestines, having provoked swelling and unpleasant feelings. Following the recommendations of doctors, you should not give cookies to the child 8 months are younger. And if there is a wish to allow it to gnaw something, to replace cookies with the soaked drying better or to choose the sparing cookies, having attentively studied structure.

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