What cottage cheese to give for children about one year

What cottage cheese to give for children about one year

Cottage cheese and other fermented milk products are necessary for normal development of kids. At the same time it should be taken into account that all dishes entering a children's diet have to be exclusively fresh and qualitative. Preference should be given to the cottage cheese of a home cooking developed from genuine milk.

From what age it is possible to enter cottage cheese into the child's diet

Cottage cheese - fermented milk product which part are calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, In, folic acid and other valuable components. Also at it there are amino acids most of which part is irreplaceable. It means that they cannot be synthesized in a human body, but have to come to it with food.

Cottage cheese plays a huge role in food of kids. It is especially important to give it to children aged up to 2-3 years. To begin to enter this product into a diet it is possible from 7-8 months. If the first feeding up was entered only after achievement of six-month-old age by the child, cottage cheese needs to be offered not earlier than in 2 months after that. For a start it is worth accustoming the kid to vegetables and porridge, and already then to feed with fermented milk products.

For the first time it is quite enough to give to the baby a half of a teaspoon of cottage cheese. Gradually this quantity can be increased. The one-year-old kid can already quite eat on several teaspoons of fermented milk product in day.

What cottage cheese can be given to kids

Children about one year can give only very fresh and rather sweet cottage cheese. Unfortunately, in usual supermarkets and in the market it is very difficult to meet so quality product. Pediatricians recommend to give to kids cottage cheese for which production skvashenny milk was used. The cottage cheese melted from sour kefir does not suit for kids. To have full confidence in quality of fermented milk product, it is better to train him independently. It is rather simple and will not take a lot of time. For a start it is necessary to pour a little milk in a small pan and to add to it 2 tablespoons of sour cream. The received mix needs to be kept at the room temperature for 3-4 hours. Further it is necessary to put a pan on weak fire and to gradually heat its contents until when it begins to be displaced. It is impossible to overheat it as in this case the product will have rather rigid consistence. The turned cottage cheese needs to be filtered, wrung out and wiped through a sieve. Besides sour cream it is also possible to add to milk and kefir in the ratio 1:1. In this case cottage cheese will turn out less sweet. If parents do not wish to cook cottage cheese independently, they can buy it in shop of baby food. The fermented milk product which is packed up in small jars has to have fresh date of development. It is desirable to give preference to the cottage cheese made without use of preservatives and other foreign components.

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