What cough syrup it is possible for the child of 7 months

What cough syrup it is possible for the child of 7 months

At children, especially at children about one year, own immunity is not completely created. Therefore they are very subject to catarrhal diseases. Practically always they are followed by cough. If the child got sick, he needs to be treated correctly.

Onset of the illness

At the first a symptom of cold it is necessary to address the pediatrician. The child is very small, and cannot tell as as he hurts him. Therefore correctly to make the diagnosis and to appoint treatment, consultation of the expert is necessary, in certain cases it is necessary to make tests.


Cough is the forced exhalation which occurs due to reduction of muscles, owing to irritation of receptors. Or in a different way is the protective reaction of an organism intended for clarification of airways from bacteria, viruses and slime. Cough can be "dry" and "damp". At dry cough of phlegms does not depart, for it the paroxysmal character, sometimes with whistle is inherent, mainly appears at night. At damp cough the phlegm is allocated. Usually at catarrhal diseases the phlegm begins to depart only in several days.

Before running in pharmacy behind cough syrup for your little child, it is necessary to define a type of cough, Sukhoi or "damp". The choice of syrup and its efficiency depends on it.

Treatment of cough at children about one year

As the organism of the child differs from the adult's organism, at treatment by medicines it is necessary to consider a dose and contraindications. As not all medicines were checked on children, in the instruction age restrictions are specified.

Syrup or drops

Many cough remedies for children exist in two dosage forms: drops and syrup. Active ingredients at them identical. They differ only with existence of sugar and the number of the use at one time. One-time intake of syrup – 5-15 ml, and a thaw – 3-15 drops. Parents choose, than it is more convenient to them to give to drink to the children.

Children's syrups

It is considered that herbs are safer, than synthetic substances. It is because they are natural. It is better to begin treatment with them, the only thing, some herbs can cause allergies. But also there is a set of synthetic drugs for treatment of cough at children which the baby can safely accept as treatment.

If your child the allergic person, it is necessary to approach the choice of grass syrups with care. For a start to choose monokompnentny syrups or those which part no more than three herbs are.

Their range is very big. At dry cough: - The doctor Mom-Gedelix (it is also possible also at damp) is Sinekod-ProspanPri damp cough: - Licorice syrup - Lazolvan children's (it is applied with 0) - Erespal - Bronkhipret - Stoptussin Fito

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