What cream from diathesis to choose

What cream from diathesis to choose

Diathesis – the serious disease at children which is shown in tendency of an organism of the kid to allergic reactions, to respiratory infections, an itch, reddening of skin and even formation of a yellow crust on it and also to developing of spasms. Diathesis it is possible and it is necessary to treat.

Treatment of diathesis

Still all risk factors of developing of diathesis are not established. It is considered that its emergence is caused by improper feeding of mother during pregnancy and also from the medicine taken by it. Moreover, this disease can develop if in the first months of life the child uses harmful products with breast milk.

Various creams and medicinal ointments which help to eliminate many symptoms of this disease are very popular in treatment of diathesis. There is just huge amount of medicines, all of them are divided into two groups: hormonal and non-hormonal. Not mom, but the attending physician of the baby according to specific features of a children's organism has to make a choice.

Hormonal cream

Hormonal structures from diathesis are a cream, rendering the most effective effect, they effectively struggle with a disease, thanks to ability to start internal mechanisms of clarification at the child. The hormonal group includes the following creams: Eloky, "Advant" and Tselestoderm. The first is used first of all for fight against rash, it has anti-inflammatory effect and is applied to the affected skin of the kid of times a day within a week. "Advant" is a cream which needs to be used only from four-months age. It will not help newborns, and will only do much harm. "Advant" once a day, course duration not longer than four weeks is put. Tselestoderm" has antiallergic effect and suits six-month-old kids. It is applied to skin to three times a day and 10 days are applied not longer.

Non-hormonal cream

Non-hormonal means are widespread too. Treats to this group the following creams: "Dimedrolovo-tsinkovy", Elidel, "Fenistil-gel". From this group it is necessary to approach the choice of cream very attentively as incorrectly picked up means can cause allergic reaction. "Dimedrolovo-tsinkovy" cream is used at elimination of an itch and various dermatosis. It is applied on affected areas of skin from 2 to 3 times a day and applied since six months. Elidel perfectly eliminates the naggers, inflammations and also histologic manifestations at kids. This medicine needs to be applied since three months, rubbing in the child's skin several times in day. Duration of a course is no more than one and a half months. "Fenistil-gel" demands special precautionary measures, it is necessary to apply it to skin of the kid pointwise not to cause allergic reaction.

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