What developing games on the tablet to offer the child

What developing games on the tablet to offer the child

Modern technologies are constantly improved, and any more nobody is surprised by the child of preschool age speaking by the mobile phone or sitting at the computer.


1. Many doctors claim that children cannot watch TV and to sit at the computer since it strongly damages eyesight and breaks a bearing. Of course the physical activity of the child is very important that the kid grew healthy and in the fresh air nothing will replace games. However it is worth understanding that absolutely you should not deprive of the child of these hobbies, otherwise in the company of other peers he will feel restrained.

2. Viewing animated films and the developing games on the computer can be entered gradually into life of the kid, the main thing, to follow at the same time some rules. First, it is better to wait when to the child year is executed at least, till this time he will normally not perceive the things occurring on the screen so sense in this occupation especially yet and is not present except how to release parents for some time. And secondly, to limit time of games in day since children can be fond and be strongly at the monitor several hours.

3. Now there are a lot of developing games suitable for children of any age. Now many adults have a touch mobile phone or the tablet with the Android operating system on which it is possible to install several applications for children. There are also children's tablets in which there are already various developing and training programs.

4. If you want your child not just to play, and developed and studied at the same time, then it is worth paying attention to such games during which he can gain some knowledge. It can be: "The alphabet for the smallest", "We learn to consider", "We distinguish colors", "Doman's Cards", etc. Of course it is necessary to consider age of the child if to it only year, then letters and figures still early, and is suitable studying objects, animals, breakage of balloons for development of fine motor skills, etc. There are programs with the speaking fairy tales and children's verses which will be suitable for improvement of attention and memory of the kid too. For children the interesting coloring, games on logic is a little more senior to eat: "Find couple", "Find differences" and many other things. The main thing that these classes were pleasant to the child, in the course of the games he gains the majority of the knowledge.

5. If the child already knows letters and figures, then even to read him it is possible to teach by means of special games which in process help the kid to utter a syllable and to make the whole word. "Interesting professions", "Find objects", etc. - help the child to develop the lexicon, to expand information on the world around.

6. For school students there is a lot of games allowing to study different disciplines cheerfully and easy too. It and "Cheerful geography", "All about the structure of the person", "We study literacy", etc. The main thing, is correct to pick up the necessary application in which the school program will be presented in a form, very interesting to the child. Something can be downloaded and established absolutely free of charge, and another - having paid the small sum of money, but in many cases it is worth it.

7. For children there are also subject games in which it is necessary to look after the pet; to select dresses; to save friends, passing different tests - they are useful to the general development of attention, taste and other qualities necessary in adulthood too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team