What development puzzles give to the child

What development puzzles give to the child

Children have to develop comprehensively. With it they are helped by various developing games, including puzzles. This fascinating puzzle attracts children with the bright picture and an opportunity to gain the small victory with each correctly picked up piece.

Advantage of puzzles

The child occupied with any process studies. He learns something new, its world is replenished with new details which are simply necessary for the growing personality. Being fond of collecting of the picture, the child, first, studies assiduity and patience. For small children these two concepts, earlier unfamiliar, gradually go in. Secondly, collecting a puzzle, the child is aimed at result. It becomes interesting to it to see what picture will turn out at the end. "Smell" victories induces it to finish business. Thus concentration of attention trains. With continuous practice also the observation is acquired. First the kid substitutes various pieces, without having thought, but with practice he begins to understand how he what pieces where to put or, for example, will learn to compare parts of the picture on color or the size, uniting them in a whole.

Besides, this simple invention develops logical thinking, imagination. To collect the necessary picture, the child needs to submit it in mind, to choose suitable among pieces, it is correct to turn it, to insert. Only present what processes happen in a brain of the small child! Besides the kid has to analyze constantly the actions, make decisions.

From what part, for example, to begin and to finish with what. In his head the algorithm of actions constantly is under construction. It has to learn to keep the picture in memory complete and to examine its fragments in the scattered details. Develops as well fine motor skills. The picture is cut on small parts with which the young researcher should work. To insert the picture correctly it is represented to the kid hard occupation. But gradually to hands the accuracy will come, the child will approach this occupation consciously and at once it is correct to take a detail.

Why some children do not like to collect puzzles

Many children, collecting puzzles, do not show a particular interest in this game. Yes, they learned to put quickly pictures but why such, apparently, interesting puzzle does not attract them? There is it because the child intellectually is not ready to such type of classes yet. All people develop in own way. Some in two years with ease collect simple puzzles. Others and in four do not see in it need. But it does not say that someone from them is cleverer or sillier. Here it is all about human development. The child can learn to collect the simple picture, but he will not be carried away by process of assembly because its development does not allow it to understand still how to put the picture, using logic or the analysis. These concepts have to appear at first in it. And already then by means of puzzles they need to be developed. Only interest can give an impetus to development. To force the child to be engaged in hours in the same activity it is impossible. Time when the child himself is fond of process of collecting of the picture is important to wait. There is also other reason that the child does not love or is not able to collect puzzles. Picture! The picture which needs to be collected has to attract the child. As small it is necessary to choose the drawing simpler, but not to force to make, for example, the car. If in what he is engaged is not interesting to the child, soon it in general will cease to do it. Hunting will be gone for a long time. And everything because of incorrectly picked up puzzles. A task parents - to carry away the kid this remarkable game. And the help and a praise of mom and dad will allow the child an incentive to be the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team