What diapers it is better for newborns

What diapers it is better for newborns

For the child there is always a wish to choose all best. And when the question concerns newborns, parents are mad about quality, safety and environmental friendliness of everything at all that has a direct bearing on the kid. For example, the most strict requirements are imposed to disposable diapers.

To do in time with a size

The main thing with what it is necessary to begin the choice of diapers, so it with the size. Usually diapers for newborns are designated by the words "newborn" or "nb". All sizes of diapers are in addition designated by figures, proceeding from the child's weight. For newborns there is a marking of 0-5 kg (generally on products of the Japanese producers) or 3-5 kg. On some packings it is possible to meet near figures of weight and the size – S, M, L and XL. According to S it is the smallest size, and XL biggest. For newborn children choose size S. There are special diapers for premature and small children up to three kilograms (Bella Baby, Moltex Baby, Goon). Such means of hygiene consider all features of development of premature children, have gentle texture, convenient fasteners and the main thing, the small size.

Liquid under kotroly

Now ecological phyto-diapers as a part of which raw materials of natural production are on sale.

After you decide on the size, it is necessary to find diapers of that brand which will be ideal for your child. But here only as to make it if the quality of a diaper can be defined only in "action"? Yes, generally consumer properties of a product can be learned, only having begun to use it. But not all want to put experiments on own child. For the choice of optimum means define for yourself personally the quality standards. The main criterion of all diapers is the property to well absorb and hold liquid. To believe whether dry is a diaper it is possible, having looked whether the buttocks of the kid reddened after the child spent 3-4 hours in a diaper. If skin red, damp, so a diaper badly absorbs water, and it is fraught with irritation of skin at the child and bad mood. Pay attention to a side elastic band. It has to be rather wide and elastic, otherwise liquid can flow. If it to occur regularly, the reasons can be two: bad absorbency of a diaper or its too rare change.

The most gentle

Now it is possible to find shorts with a cut in a navel that the top of a diaper did not rub an umbilical wound (Moony, Libero).

One more important criterion of means of hygiene for newborns is its softness. The diaper with rough internal a part can injure skin of the kid, rub, and to cause irritation of a head of a penis in boys. In maternity hospital of firm - producers in the advertizing purposes give to mummies samplers of the products. Two-three "pampers" can be let to testing quite. Take a diaper, feel hands its internal seam, consider side elastic bands whether velcros are convenient, whether it is possible to undo several times without loss of quality. Especially meticulous parents pour water in a diaper and observe how quickly it is completely absorbed and dries.

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